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Rapid Innovation for a More Equitable

Businesses have experienced some negative impacts due to the covid-19 pandemic over the past few months. Many people have lost their jobs, while business leaders try to figure out ways of keeping the businesses in operations. Some have considered the work from the home norm due to the nature of their business.

In the end, the rate of innovative ideas to benefit both business persons and employees. The big question, what is the how is the change going to affect the economy?

Employees have to find means on how to keep working during the crisis. At the same time, the employers, on the other hand, are forced to innovate ways to keep the business operating and offering support to the employees.

Up to date, many companies have adopted remote working operations, a trend that might take a new direction in the future of the overall economy.

The crisis has led to the emerging of new strategies to boot the economy. It is anticipated that the economy might take a new dimension overall.

Let highlight some of the trends that have come up as a result of the crisis:

1. A Collaborative Talent Marketplace

Company leaders are now striving to implement a solution to help the employees reach other opportunities. The employers are now ready to collaborate with other platforms such as Accenture’s talent connection. The platform supports the employers to collaborate with employees effectively to take businesses to the next level.

Such opportunities are beneficial to amazing talents out there who have less or no access to job opportunities. As they get used to the platform, other ideas such as offering mentor ship and coaching to job seekers come into place, where different talents share different skills.

2. Access to Reskilling and Retraining Opportunities

A lot of people have gained lots of skills, something that has made workers strive to learn more skills to retain job opportunities. On the other hand, employers are trying to put in place means to facilitate their role in helping employees learn new skills. Some online platforms, such as Udacity, offer free training in the technology field. Such opportunities help the organizations affected mostly by the covid-19 crisis to the extent that they can no longer operate normally.

3. Securing a More Inclusive Future

As much as the covid-19 crisis has affected businesses negatively, to the extent of making extreme loses, it might be a chance for a long time business innovation ideas. Many managers and employers have innovated excellent ways of working despite the crisis. Some of the strategies put in place might offer a long-lasting solution to different businesses and employees, thus, leading to a positive impact on the economy. Any business person, manager, and leader must have strategic plans on how to face any crisis so that the business remains stable throughout.

4. Re-imagining Work-Based Experiences

Internship programs play a significant role in work-based experiences. However, not everyone has had a chance to go through the regular schooling program up to the highest level. In such cases, programs like Genesys, Year Up, and Per Scholas give such individuals an opportunity for work-based learning.

Right now, many employers have innovated online leaning to help a wide range of people who can’t access some opportunities. This is a trend that aims at uplifting the economy at large.


When a crisis emerges, most business sectors experience extreme losses, and to some extent, some even collapse. In the end, the economy goes down drastically. However, as business-minded people, we should always be ready to innovate new ideas to keep the business growing.


Ajeet Sharma, the founder of Financegab and a well-known name in the field of financial blogging. Blogging since 2017, he has the expertise and excellent knowledge about personal finance. Financegab is all about personal finance which aims to create awareness among people about personal finance and help them to make smart, well-informed financial decisions.


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