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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in India 2022

There are few doubts about the fact that millions of people love to enjoy playing and watching sports in India.

However, what do you think

“Is online sports betting legal in India 2022?”

The answer is Yes, online sports betting are legal in India in 2022. Internet technologies have enabled people to use a computer or Smartphone to make a bet online.

But no federal law restricts Indians from using online betting websites based in countries where sports betting is not illegal.  

Why Sports betting in India Is So Famous?

1. Sports betting in India are likely to become more legalized

Online sports betting has become quite popular because many people enjoy watching sports all over the world. In India, online sports betting has grown into a big market in the past few years. And it seems like the business is just continuing to expand further and further.

But, it is not always easy for Indian gamblers or sports lovers to bet on their favorite sports teams because the Indian gambling laws have not always allowed sports betting legally. But the sports betting industry is working its way into India and today several betting sites are taking the step into India. Sites like Royal Panda mentioned at indiacasinoinfo.com also provide services to the state of India. There is no doubt that the industry has the potential to grow tremendously in India in the next few years to come. 

2. Indians use their phone more

In India, people are spending most of their day hours on their mobile phones. Numerous sports betting sites have launched apps that can be run on mobile phones which are easily accessible to everyone and attract many people. As we know that Indians spend most of their time on mobile phones instead of computers or laptops. So, it is fair to say that this is also one of the main reasons why online sports betting is increasing in India. 

3. The popularity of football and cricket leading to the increasing sports betting 

 In India, football and cricket are very popular sports. The immense love of Indians for these is another reason for the rapidly growing India’s online sports betting industry. 

Should Online betting in India be Regulated?

Investing in gambling activities is a huge market for investors, publishers, and developers. In the COVID 19 pandemic, the user base for gaming activities has increased a lot which lead to flourishing online sports betting. Under The information technology act, of 2000, there is no particular law for online betting thus the government is required to step in and introduce laws for online gaming activities.

Technological advancement can provide various benefits in this field and will also reduce the unpleasant role of bookies that bet illegally on foreign websites with the intention of match-fixing by money laundering. Maybe it’s time to regulate online betting in India without wasting more time. 


We hope you have understood all the details regarding online sports betting in India. Always play responsibly, and the betting odds can reward you in the future. The legality of sports betting in India needs renovated laws. The government is required to establish an effective legal framework on this matter.

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