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How To Spend Less Money on Gaming

After playing your favorite game for a while, it can be fun to try out some new ones or buy expansions to add some more interesting content to your existing games.

However, with the latest games and downloadable content packs being expensive, you may end up spending way more than your budget.

If you’re looking to spend less money on gaming, here are some tips you can try out:

1. Use Online Coupon Or Cashback Sites

The internet offers many ways of acquiring game rewards such as online coupons and cashback. Online coupon sites are great for finding gaming deals on the newest games. You can find coupons that offer a discounted price or other special promotions, like a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

Alternatively, you may also use cashback sites to earn money back on your gaming purchases. Cashback websites work by tracking the things you buy and then giving funds and rewards in return for partner brands that you patronized. You may think it’s impossible, but these are real deals with many popular game retailers in the market today.

2. Download Free Games Instead Of Buying

Although you might have your preferred game at this time, there may be some free games that can be just as good or better than the paid ones in terms of graphics or gameplay experience. All it takes is a simple search on the internet to find a list of games that have just come out and are free-to-play.

You can also try downloading demos to see if you like it before buying the whole game or finding a copy on sale. You might be pleasantly surprised that controlling your gaming spending is one of the easiest ways to save money.

3. Sign Up For A Free Trial Or Subscription-Based Games

Somewhat related to the second tip, a game’s free trial can be a good option for gamers who want to try them out before committing to spending money on it. Most free trials offer access to a whole level of gameplay, and sometimes even more.

A subscription service is another way you can save money on gaming. Many services charge a minimal monthly amount with no hidden fees or contracts, making this method less expensive over time. Also, subscription-type services are usually on a month-to-month basis, meaning you can cancel them at any time.

4. Buy Old Games

There are many old games available on popular e-commerce sites and gaming platforms. These games can also be found for a much lower price than the original. They are either refurbished, used by the seller, or bought and sold again. Many online gaming sites also offer deals that you can’t find elsewhere. You’ll be able to play games without spending your hard-earned cash in stores or at other retailers.

Also, retro games are a popular option for gamers nowadays to save money. These games are typically cheaper than the newest video games because they’ve been out and available long enough that newer consoles have replaced them.

Purchasing a game that has already been played or an old one is one way you can save money on gaming. This also affords gamers access to games they may not have found in-store otherwise, such as older versions of popular video games.

5. Ask A Friend Or Relative For Old Gaming System Or Game Copies

Though some might feel embarrassed, asking for an old game from a friend or a relative can be a great way to save money on gaming.

For example, if you have an old console lying around but you have no games for it, you could ask the person who gave it to you in the first place. They may not want their now-useless gift anymore and will happily give away one of their disc copies of a game. If there aren’t any available, ask your favorite local gaming store to see if there’s anything in their used section.

6. Wait for Promos

If you’re on the fence about a new release, it’s always best to wait for at least half the price discount before buying. Most games are usually discounted down during sales or promotions. It pays to wait for a while after the game’s launch so you can snag a better deal for it. Developers and game publishers usually offer their games at 20 to 50% off a few months or a year after the game’s official release.


It may be easy to get sucked into spending lots of money on new video games. However, there are many different ways to save money while enjoying them. Explore the given tips above, and you might save yourself some serious cash.

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