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How to Make an NFL Teaser Bet

With NFL betting continuing to be the biggest focus for sports bettors throughout the United States, it’s important to know the different betting options that are available. NFL stats are always going to play a role when betting on the league, but choosing the best betting type is extremely important as well. 

Parlay betting has quickly become one of the most popular bets to make on the NFL, but a better option might be making a teaser bet. A teaser bet is similar to parlay betting, but the bettor is now in control and can adjust the betting lines.

This type of bet has been around a long time, but it should start to become more popular as people discover it. This doesn’t mean that an NFL teaser bet is easy to win, but you will have a pretty big advantage when doing it right. 

Choose Your Teaser Amount

A teaser bet deals with spread betting, and there are generally two specific types of teaser bets that are available. This is a bet that is available with other sports as well, but most associate it with football

A six-point teaser is the most common that you will find, but you can also tease the spread 10 points as well. Determining the teaser amount that you want to use is the most important step when using this betting option. 

Teasing the lines just six points will lead to a bigger payout than you would have if you chose to use a ten-point teaser. You will have a better chance to win a 10-point teaser bet, but finding the best value in the odds is important as well. 

Tips for Teaser Betting

After you choose the teaser amount that you want to use, there are still some things that you want to keep in mind.

There are three important tips to keep in mind when making a teaser bet. 

1. Limit Amount of Games

The most important tip when putting together a teaser bet is to limit the number of games that you are going to include. You really have free reign to add as many games to your teaser bet as you want, but having some restraint is going to be extremely important if you want to win this bet. 

You are going to see that the potential payout increases with each game that you add, but you are also adding a much bigger risk as well. Instead of searching for games to include, simply look at the games that make sense. 

2. Tease Both Sides

Since you are in complete control of a teaser bet, then you need to look at teasing both sides. You can choose to include both favorites and underdogs when putting together a teaser bet, and that is the best way to go about it. 

The best time to use a teaser bet is when the original spread odds don’t make any sense, and you can use those additional points to give yourself a solid betting opportunity. 

3. Do Plenty of Research

The final tip applies to all forms of NFL betting and doesn’t just help you win teaser bets. If you are going to make some serious money by betting on this league then you are going to have to put in some work.

Even if you are the biggest NFL football fan in the world, simply watching the games is not going to give you an edge over the sportsbooks. If you really want to take this seriously then you are going to have to spend plenty of time doing research. 

Each game is going to require different research, but looking at the injury report and recent betting trends is always a great place to start. 


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