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High Yield Investment Tips

What comes to your mind whenever you think of investing money for high yield? For most people, all they think of are the very popular ones like bonds, stocks, shares, real estate, mutual funds, etc.

While these choices are not bad, there are many other things that yield high profits for investors. What makes them more interesting and profitable is the fact that many people are not looking at them.

If you’re looking for unusual areas where you can invest your money and get high returns, this article is designed for you. Here are 7 unusual investment tips for you.

1. Buy Lean Hog

For those who haven’t been investing much, it might come as a surprise that investing in lean hog commodities is actually something to consider.

However, this is one area that may give you profits more than you expect. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal announced lean hog futures as one of the best investment classes of the year.

People trade pork bellies and lean hogs on the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange). However, you do not really get the hog, the trades involve settlement by cash. What you actually do is invest in contracts on bacon or animals’ carcasses.

So, you have to make inquiries at farms or go to an auction if you want lean hog commodities for yourself.

2. Rent out Goats

Here is another area where you can get high returns. You just have to buy a franchise for renting out goats to clear lands. The stomachs of these animals are made of ‘steel’ and they eat briar bushes, poison ivy, and many other inedible plants.

So, while the goats are working for you, they’re also feeding.

But if you want to do this, we advise you to invest in several goats. It takes about 100 goats to clear a half-acre in a day.

3. Play casinos

Many people, never consider this area when thinking about investments. But casinos are still making people millionaires in today’s world. They are also readily available online and you can get to play at any time. One of the most important things to consider before you start this is your choice of casinos. You have to make sure you select reputable and secure online casinos to play at.

4. Collect Wine

The price at which quality wine is sold has increased rapidly in recent years. In fact, during the last twenty-one years, many blue-chip wines have performed more than many stocks. The growth in profits has also been stable and doesn’t look like it will ever drop.

Start a collection of wine now and gather many high-end products to resell later. Experts have insisted that if you want to make profits in selling wine, you need to target the best wines.

Also, you need to plan well to be able to preserve the wines. It is preferable to store them in climate-controlled areas. You also need to be able to differentiate counterfeit products from originals as reselling counterfeits can crumple your business.

Lastly, buy the wines early when the prices are low. This will help you make good profits when you eventually resell.

5. Collect Toys

Toys may seem like items for only children but investing in them is not child’s play. Many people purchase dolls and other toys for different things. Even older toys always remain appealing.

For instance, stuffed bears manufactured by Margarete Steiff, a company in Germany are still in high demand in the plush world. It costs as much as $10,000 to purchase a circa 1905 16-inch Margarete Steiff Cinnamon bear.

Think well. Carefully decide which toys you want. Get details in price guides and keep yourself updated on trends. When you eventually get the toys, always keep them in their containers to ensure they remain in good condition. Also, avoid playing with the toys.

6. Collect Coins

A 1943 bronze Lincoln penny was bought in 2010 by a southwestern businessperson for 1.7 million dollars. The coin was considered valuable because it was mistakenly struck in bronze instead of zinc.

But don’t just buy coins, you have to seek the right information. You need to ensure you collect rare coins that are in good condition, whether they are old or fresh.

7. Buy and Sell Instruments

There are several musical instruments that are of good quality and also rare to find. These include instruments like Stradivarius, Gibson, Fender, and Steinway. These instruments are not strange but are expensive due to their quality and rarity.

For example, Stradivarius is a brand of violin which has been in existence since the seventeenth century. In 2005, a 1699 Stradivarius was sold for 2.03 million dollars at a public auction.

When buying these instruments, consider factors like quality, condition, history, and maker.

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