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Evolution of Cricket from the Real World to Virtual World

Sports have been an integral part of our lives since the times unknown. In ancient times, current-day athletics were a part of the rigid training regime for the military forces in various empires across the world.

Everyone knows the origin of the popular long-distance running Marathon. Likewise, every sport has its own origin, either in a historical context or an unknown and humble context.

Cricket – From Humble Origins to becoming a Stamping Authority

Cricket, for example, is a sport with a humble origin, which was played as a simple game by children in the medieval period somewhere in the Western European Region (the exact origin has been a debate till today).

The sport underwent its development phase in England, and suddenly, the sport found itself with a bunch of rules framed by a governing body called the Marylebone Cricket Council (MCC). On the other side, cricketing clubs based on the then-existing counties (or states) were formed across England, which is still alive and competent.

The sport saw a massive move when English colonial officers played the sport in their colonies, and as we know, the British empire of the 19th century spanned all across the world.

In a turn of events, the first international matches were played, with the match between the USA and Canada in 1844 being the first-ever game (Surprising, isn’t it?). 

As years went by, more nations joined the cricket bandwagon, and cricket matches went from being timeless to being played for a fixed time.

Meanwhile, the rules were updated regularly as the sport developed from a children’s game to a “Gentleman’s Game.” Later, newer formats were inducted so as to reach the global audience, with international tournaments played regularly to increase the competitiveness of the sport. One-day games were a revolution in the 1970s, and Twenty20 cricket stunned the world like a hurricane.

After these shorter formats had got their light, cricket became a “Gentleman’s business” than a “Gentleman’s game.” Many famous businesses eyed cricket as a profitable business, and cricket competitions based on franchises helped their cause.

Today, cricket has been providing entertainment for the fans and revenue for businesses, although accusations that the sport has lost its old glory have become common.

However, deep inside, everyone knows that this quote from the legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne is still prevalent today.

“To me, cricket is a simple game. Keep it simple and just go out and play.“

Gaming and Cricket – A Bittersweet Story from the 90s

Alongside cricket as a sport, video game developers had landed into the sport of emotions during the mid-1990s, and they met with little success as businesses.

Some games were famous and even are today, but the game for the developers was a failure, and some of them openly opted out of developing cricket games in the future.

Currently, a few game studios have been successful with their cricket game ventures focusing on smartphones, although the inert disadvantage of one-way spending exists.

Now, it seems like technology has an answer to the problem, proving the below quote from the famous battling game “Call of Duty” true.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

What Do We Have Before Us to Better Combat Such Trouble?

Blockchains have already provided the answer to the widespread accusations of the gaming community by providing an avenue to cash back the assets they bought. With non-fungible tokens (NFTs) taking guard, trading those in-game assets for a profit became possible, and we have already seen games like Axie Infinity achieving massive success in the gaming world. Sporting NFTs have already seen some success with the soccer-based NFT game So rare. Now, it finally seems like the time has come for cricket to enter the NFT gaming world. 

The world’s first NFT cricket game, “Meta Cricket League,” is set to launch its first collection of NFTs on April 22, 2022. The NFT drop event is named “Super Loot,” and it will be occurring on the Jump. trade NFT marketplace platform. All these NFT applications are products of GuardianLink, a firm famous for its projects on NFT security protocols and celebrity marketplaces. As soon as the official announcement for the NFT drop event was released in March, the levels of excitement for the NFT cricket collectibles increased across different social media platforms

What Kinds of NFT Collectibles are Present in the Super Loot?

The Super Loot NFT drop event would be selling out two types of NFT collectibles:

  • Digital cricket player cards 
  • Digital cricket bat cards 

There are a total of 25,000 NFT collectibles to be made available in the maiden NFT drop event, which emphasizes that the scale of the game is wider. Additionally, the prices of the NFT collectibles are also made public on the Jump. trade NFT marketplace’s website. For $25, one can buy a single NFT collectible, and for $125, one can buy 5 NFT collectibles, along with a free treasure box. The website also mentions that a buyer is guaranteed of getting any one type of NFT collectibles from the following: 

  • “Metaverse cricket team players NFT,” or
  • “Authenticated signed digital NFTs of legends along with Metaverse cricket team players NFT.” 

Anyhow, irrespective of how much a buyer spends, they are in for a treat, as these NFT items can serve as in-game assets, digital collectibles, and tradable digital assets.

How to Become Part of the NFT Cricket Drop?

You would need to first sign up for the Jump. trade NFT marketplace portal, with the usual procedure. After creating your account on the platform and verifying your email address, you would need to fill in the GuardianLink wallet provided in the portal. You would need to fill in at least 100 Tether/USDT to be able to buy your first cricket NFTs. After all this, here you are, ready to buy your first cricket NFTs from the Super Loot NFT drop event.

A Note Before the End

Therefore, we can see that the world’s first cricket NFT drop event is all set to take a grand stage later this month. We can confirm this plainly by the level of hype glimmering across social media and online community forums. Word of mouth has also been strongly recommending the same, which further emphasizes the popularity of the Super Loot cricket NFT drop event. Till then, we, along with the whole world, are waiting for the Super Loot with our fingers crossed.

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