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Do High Stakes Slot Games Exist

If you are a frequent bettor, then you will probably already know that it is possible to wager some sizeable sums on table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and table poker.

What about slots, though? Sometimes, the maximum stake that features in slots is miles below what you might expect to see in a table game. Is it possible to wager high stakes in slot games, and do high-stakes slots exist? Let’s find out.

Do High Stakes Slots Exist?

High-stakes slot games most certainly do exist. These games can’t be found at all casinos, but top sites like Rollers Casino do carry them. They allow you to wager immense sums, sometimes into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars/euros range on single spins. You must be among the most adventurous people around to wager this kind of cash, but it can be done.

Difference Between High Stakes and High Roller Slots

You should note that there is a difference between high stakes and high roller slots. High-roller games are those that have a high bottom stake and an extraordinarily high maximum wager. By contrast, high-stakes games also have an impeccably high maximum wager limit, but their floor bet is also quite petite, encouraging non-high rollers to get involved in the action.

Can Low Rollers Get Involved?

Low rollers are welcome to get involved in high-stakes games, but not so many high-rolling games. As touched on above, the primary difference comes from the way that the minimum floor bet works. In high-stakes games, it is often low enough that you can have a crack at the game even if you aren’t made of money. The same just isn’t true for high-roller games, where the minimum bet will often be unaffordable for those who prefer low-stakes games.

How High Are We Talking About?

That’s a good question. In most cases, high-stakes games will easily rival high-roller games regarding how much you can bet. However, the true amount will vary depending on the software provider and the type of slot in question. Expect high-stakes games to have maximum stakes that can rise upwards of thousands of dollars and euros.

Where Can I Find High Stakes Slots Online?

The big question (now that you know a bit about high-stakes slots) is where you can find those games online. Fortunately, we know just the place. If you want to play high roller games, you only need to Google that. You’ll find a wealth of betting sites that can sort you out.

However, if you specifically want to play high-stakes games, then head straight over to top betting sites. They have thousands of high-stakes games, including popular favorites and major hits for you to enjoy, whatever stake you wish to play with.

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