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Cable TV or Cutting the Cord: Which is the Best Option?

As digital technology is steadily pervading everyone’s lives, people are increasingly letting go of old ways of doing things. Home entertainment is one of the most prominent targets of this change. Where people once used to crowd in front of a family TV to catch the airing of their favorite shows, they now simply go to their personal devices.

So, does this spell the end of cable TV? Well, more and more Americans seem to think so. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans who use a cable service to watch TV has dropped from 76% in 2015 to 56% in 2022. If this trend continues, we can expect more of the American population to say goodbye to the cable in the next few years. Yet, do these numbers truly indicate that you no longer need your trusted Charter Spectrum connection? Not really.

To Cut or Not to Cut

The decision to cut the cord isn’t that simple. Many people do it for specific reasons, such as rising costs and different lifestyles. For instance, it makes sense for a young employee who lives alone to only using streaming services like Netflix. That’s because a person like that is unlikely to get time to watch TV at home. Most young people with busy lives and tight budgets get their entertainment from their phone devices on the go. But not everyone lives that way. Also, the fact remains that the majority of Americans still use a cable connection to watch TV. 

So, do you really have to cut your cable connection in 2022? There are many reasons that you should, in fact, not. Here’s why.

1. Wide Range of Networks 

No number of streaming services can match the kind of variety a cable connection offers. You may be able to watch movies and shows on Netflix, but you’ll still have few options. Also, there are too many over-the-top (OTT) streaming services being launched every other day. For example, you have Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Paramount Plus, Peacock TV… the list is endless. You can’t possibly subscribe to every service, so you have to pick and choose. 

Instead of paying for multiple services, you might as well just keep a single cable connection. With cable, you can get access to all sorts of TV channels to cater to all interests. If you have a household where everyone has different likes and dislikes, a cable connection is ideal.

2. Custom Cost-Effective Packages

A major reason for cable TV’s popularity through time is that you can avail all sorts of packages to save costs and meet your needs. For instance, many cable networks offer different plans at different rates. You can check with your network to see what channels they offer at every plan. If all your favorite channels are available on a basic cable plan, you can save a lot of money. Similarly, if you want access to premium channels like HBO or STARZ, you can simply choose a different package. 

This way, you have the freedom to choose any plan that meets your specific needs. Also, you can avail of special packages that help you control your expenses. For example, if you mostly only watch sports on TV, you don’t need a premium package. Instead, you should simply subscribe to a limited plan and then avail a special offer for only sports channels. Hence, you won’t have to pay for a cable plan with channels you don’t ever watch.

3. Live News, Events, and Sports

OTT streaming services may have a huge repository of shows you can choose from. Yet, they can never let you experience the joy of watching and reacting to something in real-time. If you’re a sports fan, for instance, you simply won’t ever be satisfied with streaming services. On the other hand, cable TV will let you watch live sports matches and tournaments. So, if you want to keep up with the Olympics or watch the Super Bowl, you need cable.

Similarly, you require live channels if you like to keep up with the news and major political events. After all, you can’t watch live coverage of a presidential oath-taking ceremony or a royal wedding on Netflix.

4. No Dependence on the Internet

Imagine that everything in your house is powered by the internet. What, then, will happen during an internet outage? What if bad weather or peak hours mess up your connection speed? Then, you’ll be completely cut off from the world.

When you have a cable TV connection, you don’t have to worry about this scenario. If your internet ever gives out, you can simply watch the TV.

5. Internet and Phone Bundles

The internet and cable-TV alternatives are not the only good things to come out of technological progress. Instead, traditional things have also evolved. Now, a cable connection doesn’t simply let you watch TV. You can avail many affordable bundles for TV, phone, and internet connections! So, the cable isn’t quite outdated, is it?

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