Buying Decisions Are Based on Shopper’s Psychology

If you ever wondered why are professional psychologists highly sought after by eCommerce companies, this article will answer your questions. We, as shoppers, like to think that our decisions about when and what to buy is entirely ours. It is quite understandable that we want to believe we are in control most of the time, especially of our money. But the truth is that we are often not, and there’s a science behind it. It is called shopper’s psychology.

Have you ever gone shopping, online or in-store, for particular things and end up buying more than you wanted, or buying completely different things?

Have you ever tried a new product because it is colorful and attractive, or because a celebrity you like is claimed to be using it?

What about buying a product because it has the word ‘Guaranteed’ on it. Or maybe patronize a store based on its signage or because it has a huge shoppers’ favorite word ‘SALE’ out front.

If you can relate to any of these, congratulations! You are influenced by the shopper’s psychology.

The big shopping franchises know this, and that is why they employ services of professionals who are familiar with how the mind works, and how it is possible to influence shoppers’ decisions. There are both simple and obvious tactics at getting people to make a purchase, and more complex, subtle ones.

A simple tactic would be offering some kind of discount, for example. Udemy, the most famous online course website on the planet often offers an extravagant 90% off Udemy discount for many of their courses. And though this may seem like throwing money away at first glance, it’s actually a really effective tactic. Then, there are subtler tactics, like using music, signs and particular colors to attract a shopper’s attention.

The next time you visit a large departmental store, try to pay attention to the music playing in the background. You will realize that different sections play a different type of music. This is not because there is a conflict of playlist preference among staff members, it is a mental approach to influence your buying decisions.

So, the next time you are in a wine store or in the wine section of a departmental store and classical music is playing, you will know it is not a coincidence. It is meant to make you buy expensive bottles.

Popular and loved music is often played in stores because many buyers have admitted they stay longer just to hear the song till the end. As you know, that is enough time to see something else you might like to buy.

Other physical stimuli, such as smell, are also used to influence buying decisions. For instance, the smell of leather will often make you think expensive and great quality.

Chamomile and lavender are great scents to infuse the bedding and furniture sections with. This is because their smell triggers relaxation in the brain. You are more tempted to test out the product and just like that, your credit card is out and ready.

Research has shown that a whopping 84% of buyers will be willing to pay as much as 10% more for a pair of shoes in a scented Nike store.

The world has gone digital and more and more people now shop online. If you are one of those online shoppers, there’s some great news. You are not immune to shopper’s psychology. As long as your brain still works and you shop, we are in this together.

As you probably noticed, some of the most attractive and efficient websites are the ones that sell you something. This is so in order to keep you on the site for longer, and to attract you with the visual appeal so you can end up buying some products.

More than half of online shoppers will buy a product because the pictures look great without seriously considering reviews or ratings of the product.

Some shoppers will leave your website if they have to wait for more than 5 seconds to get something done. Apparently, nobody has that much time to wait around. Worst still, they will visit a competitor’s site if they got an unfavorable experience on yours.

Coupons, discounts, subsidised shipping, all add up to what influences buyers to choose one product at the expense of a similar one.

Videos serve a substantial purpose towards a buyer’s decision, at least according to 90% of them. That many people can’t be wrong.

Online retailers with a hassle-free return policy are likely to attract more buying customers. This is proven by a research that shows nearly half of the buyers become returning customers to such retailers.

As you will notice from the above information, retailing, especially online, is a classic case of ‘go big or go home’. This is the main reason why shopper’s psychology is one of the most important weapons in the retail business arsenal.

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There are different types of buyers, as you will see in the infographics below. Whichever category you fall in, or you think you do, shopper’s psychology  influences your buying decisions one way or another.

We suggest that you read on to see more facts on how our shopping decisions are made. The infographics below will surely help you to adjust your shopping so you can get more value for your money.

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