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Building the Future: Construction Issues Tech Startups Are Addressing

In the 1990s, tech startups were all the rage with previously unknown companies earning million-dollar valuations overnight.

Since then, we don’t hear nearly as much hype about tech startups, but they’re still around, and they’re innovating in fields you might not expect. One of those fields is the construction industry.

Long ago, people thought construction was just about hard hats and toolbelts. But today, construction has gone high-tech, and companies are using technology to help modernize the industry.

The construction industry is one of the most viable today, especially in a post-pandemic economy, and it’s being bolstered even more by recent innovations in tech.

Field Management Problems

There can be a lot of moving parts for a construction company. There are the workers’ schedules to manage, and there’s the issue of making sure the right number of workers get to the job site. There’s also the issue of making sure the right equipment goes to the right job site, among other logistical problems.

Fortunately for the construction industry, high-tech startups companies have developed software to assist construction companies with what could be logistical nightmares. Through the use of apps, workers can now track and coordinate work projects from their phones. The goal is to digitize aspects of construction, bridging the gap between the construction office and the job site. 

Ballooning Project Costs

It’s no secret that creeping construction costs can get out of hand. Add an unexpected need here and a repair there, and costs can easily skyrocket out of control. This is where technology comes into play. Tech startups have developed platforms that allow construction teams to track their project costs. And this includes everything from incoming invoices to employee hours.

Companies can take advantage of apps that allow project managers to keep an eye on budgets and live reports from the field. Platforms can also track suppliers and monitor pricing catalogs, which allows for price comparisons between suppliers.

Expensive Equipment Costs

Companies are also giving construction outfits the option to rent equipment and 3/4 ton pick-up trucks, giving them the ability to rent them long term. This gives the construction companies the flexibility of not having to invest in equipment that they may not need in the long run, as well as giving start-ups or companies on a tighter budget a way to meet their needs without breaking the bank. It also gives them the opportunity to test out equipment to gauge how well it meets their needs.

Another advantage of renting equipment is that you get the latest technology. Why bother with technology that’s outdated and inefficient when you can have the latest. The amount of time and money saved makes renting equipment a smart move for many construction companies.

Construction Site Safety

With the goal of maintaining safety on construction sites, tech startups have also developed technology that allows monitoring devices to be placed on the equipment. When the device senses that an accident could be about to happen, it takes control of the machine, suspending the action that could cause the accident.

Considering that there are about 150,000 construction site accidents per year, it’s easy to see how useful and how needed such technology is. Of course, project managers will always have to do their part to make sure safety protocols are being followed by workers themselves. Still, every safety advancement in the field is welcomed.

Using More Robot Technology

Other tech companies have taken it upon themselves to develop robot technology that would relieve humans from having to do the most dangerous construction work in the first place. These companies are also working on ways to make existing equipment more autonomous. Imagine being able to rely solely on machines for the most dangerous aspects of construction.

The robots themselves will be equipped with safety systems that enable them to sense and avoid humans, animals, and other machinery. They’re also equipped with emergency stop mechanisms that can be accessed remotely.

Many tech startups have developed technology that will advance the construction industry in several areas. Making communication between construction offices and job sites easier, controlling company costs, and increasing safety are just a few of the ways tech companies are working to modernize the construction industry. Thanks to technology, the construction industry is on track to work smarter, not harder. 

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