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Bitcoin – The Main Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) is the best-known cryptocurrency and is still by far the most important. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin is clearly ahead of the competition, and no other digital currency can compete with Bitcoin in terms of value: With almost $ 140 billion, the market capitalization of Bitcoin in January 2020 is far ahead of that of Ethereum (15 billion) and Ripple (8 Billion).

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency only for the Internet and is a set of cipher numbers that are not found on the ground only known to those who own the code and have their own keys, while the encryption process is about transferring information to incomprehensible symbols so that they are unreadable to any individual and no individual can decipher Code only has private keys to decode.

High Demand For Anonymous Money

Some analysts predict Bitcoin’s price will rise to $ 500,000 or more. As the “Blockchain and Crypto asset Pre-Event” showed at the beginning of April 2019. Bitcoins continue to gain acceptance among more and more financial institutions. The recent large price movements are proof of this.

Around the bitcoin hype at the end of 2017, some critics saw a risky investment in Bitcoin and described the Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency as “hot air”. Ultimately, the Bitcoin price is regulated by supply and demand.

Bitcoin Trading – Investment for Opportunity-Oriented Investors

Given the performance and technical capabilities of online currencies, interest in Bitcoin is growing steadily among many investors. If you buy Bitcoin and want to participate in the performance of the most important Internet currency, then there are several options for you – we have examined the advantages and disadvantages of each way.

Buy Bitcoin Quickly and Easily: Bitcoin-CFD

Investors who are primarily interested in participating in the performance of Bitcoin can trade relatively easily via a CFD broker Bitcoin s. The account opening is particularly fast, you can deposit by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

You can think of a Bitcoin CFD as a security that reflects the Bitcoin rate. As an investor, you participate directly in the development of the Bitcoin price, but do not physically own the Bitcoin. If you want, you can still lever the Bitcoin CFD – you can find out more in our guide CFD trading. Note that CFD trading has been more regulated since August 2018.

Buy Real Bitcoin

If, in addition to presentation, your secrecy in Bitcoin currency trading is significant, there is no method around the buy of “genuine” Bitcoin s, i.e. the buy of Bitcoin s in the form of “digital money” or in the form of data. Having a wallet is a basic requirement. This electronic wallet is comparable to a personal checking account for your pocket, you can use it to make transfers and receive or send Bitcoin s.

The transfer of Bitcoin s does not differ fundamentally from a bank transfer: instead of an account number, only a receiving address is used. Because the digital currency is sent directly from person to person without an intermediary, the fees incurred are lower than for the transaction via banks.

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How do I Buy Bitcoin a Bitcoin Marketplace?

If you want to trade the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, you can do this online, for example, on a so-called Bitcoin marketplace. The most famous marketplace is called Bitcoin System app, so that the price for the real Bitcoin s is formed by supply and demand.

Blockchain: Technology with Great Potential

The legendary value development made Bitcoin famous as a cryptocurrency – and many investors were rich. As before Bitcoin one of the key crypto currencies at all, also and above all because of its pioneering technology, the block chain. The blockchain was a basic prerequisite for the triumph of Bitcoin and it will be indispensable in the future.

In the next widget, there is a live price for Bitcoin with other useful market data including Bitcoin coin market value, trading volume, daily, weekly, and monthly changes, total bid, highest and lowest prices, etc. By default, Bitcoin is quoted in US dollars, but you can easily convert the base currency to the Euro, Pound, Japanese Yen, and Russian Ruble.

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