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Best Online Casino Games 2022

What are the most enjoyable online casino games? This is a question that has been asked many times over the years. It’s something that can’t be fully answered, due to the subjective nature of what everyone enjoys. However, there are some metrics that can be used to help some games stand out more than others.

We have examined some of the top online casino games that we believe have the edge over others on the market.

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1. Blackjack

Blackjack has long been deemed one of the best casino games with worldwide appeal. It’s also one of the best online casino games to play. The main reason behind this is that it combines skill and luck. Not all casino games do this. There are quite a few games that are solely down to luck. This means that you can’t influence the outcome of the game. All you can do is place your wager, and hope for the best.

Blackjack isn’t like that. You can impact how things go. If you don’t make the right moves, then it could cost you the game. If you make the right moves, then you can win the game. However, if you make the correct decisions, not only can you win the game when you would have otherwise lost, but you can also increase your winnings at the same time.

While counting cards isn’t a possibility when playing an online version of Blackjack, you can carry out the perfect Blackjack strategy. This is a selection of Blackjack moves that will give you statistically the best chance of winning on every hand. Blackjack includes some elements of luck, but it won’t guarantee you a win.  What it will do, is increase your chances of winning, which makes it an invaluable skill to learn.

2. Video Poker

This is another online casino game that uses a mixture of luck and skill in order to win. What makes Video Poker so impressive, is that there are some variations of the game that offer players an RTP of 100%. This is incredibly rare, as it means if you carry out the correct steps when playing, there isn’t a house edge in place.

Of course, it should be noted that this doesn’t guarantee you will win. It just means that your chances of making a profit are significantly increased when carrying out the correct tactics on the right game. So, if you want to walk away from the online casino with a profit in your pocket, one of the best chances of doing so is to play Video Poker.

Just make sure to do your research, in order to choose the right game to play, and the correct strategy to carry out.

3. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a game that speaks for itself. While you’re unable to increase your chances of winning like in the previous two choices, Mega Moolah provides something that the other two games aren’t capable of offering. And that is an incredible win. Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot has hit millions of dollars on several occasions. In fact, it’s regularly held the record for the largest online casino game payout in the world.

All of this means that Mega Moolah is a video slot that’s well worth playing. You have the chance to walk away with a life-changing amount of money. While that chance is admittedly quite low, the game includes other features that offer the chance to grab some great wins. This is one of the best video slots around, and it is well worth playing.

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