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5 Tips for Travelling and Playing Online Casino Games

During the confinement and restrictions of Lockdown, the interest in online casinos hit an all-time high in many countries, data from Google Trends show. The closure of entertainment venues and physical casinos, coupled with the cancellation of sports events around the globe, helped to drive increasing levels of traffic to online gambling sites.

So, now that the world is moving again – as vaccination rates soar – what does that mean for online casinos?

Well, online casinos are highly skilled at keeping pace with the demands of their customers and technology, which is why online casinos are rapidly becoming the future of the gambling industry on your phone or tablet. Forward-thinking, progressive online casinos invest heavily in slick, optimised gaming that players can access – wherever they are.

These well-developed and engaging mobile sites have ensured that as Lockdown measures continue to ease, and life returns to some semblance of normality, players have continued to gamble for entertainment just like they did during the long months of isolation – but now they are doing it on the bus, on the train, in the work canteen and while they queue for fast food, a hockey game or football. Having your own casino in your pocket works brilliantly for millions of customers as they have the convenience of playing whenever it suits them. The only difference from the gorgeous desktop version is often purely a smaller screen size and the absence of a mouse.

So, what should you consider ahead of travelling and playing online casinos?

  • Check that the online casino offers a mobile site with the same functionality as the desktop version
  • Keen to play on multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets? Then a mobile-friendly website is perfect.  
  • Only looking to play on a smartphone? Then check out the mobile app.
  • Look to see if the online casino offers exclusive promotions for app users
  • Read reviews to see if the games load as lightning fast on mobile as the casino claims
  • Check that there are lots of practice games so you can check out usability for FREE
  • Choose an online casino that partners with a wide range of software providers
  • Check that there is a large selection of beautiful games and not a limited pick
  • iOS user? Be sure to check your casino isn’t Android only
  • To enjoy I-gaming sessions without lagging, glitching, or crashing, read up on the spec for individual devices
  • Check that the stunning interface of an online casino translates onto the mobile version
  • Be sure that your mobile interface is equal to the desktop version with the same games, bonuses, etc.
  • Always ascertain the legitimacy of the online casino through its licences, audits and credentials to ensure it is trusted, safe and secure.

As a new player, whichever online casino you choose should offer a generous Welcome Bonus, so be sure to take advantage of this. Other deals, bonuses, and promotional offers are also available at online casinos, usually, once a player has made a deposit. Some casinos offer a 100% match bonus which doubles the full bonus amount once you have deposited it into your account – so, for example, a C$30 deposit becomes C$60 to play with. So be sure to claim yours!

Finally, our Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most From Travelling and Playing Online Casino:

  1. Keep your device upgraded: technology progresses in leaps and bounds and you will only get the best graphics, speed, and sound from a newer model.
  2. Test and try via the demo mode games FREE so that you’re sure you can get the performance you need.
  3. Before you download an online casino app, create an account and deposit funds to ensure that it’s legitimate – genuine casinos will promote their mobile app on the main site, provide a download link or have a presence in Apple Store or Google Play.
  4. Look for any incentives from an online casino to download the Android or IOS app – some online casinos offer perks to encourage downloads.
  5. Check out the promotions and bonuses on offer, from 100% match online casino bonuses to no deposit bonuses, free spins or bets, and refer-a-friend programmes.
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