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Get Instant Approval For Loans at PLANET APP

Technology has improved nearly every aspect of modern life. Travel, work, shopping, entertainment, and communications are just some of the areas that have been transformed in recent decades. L&T Finance changed the way people handle their daily financial needs with a fusion of technology and design that enables an easy loan lending process.

When you need a large sum of money to meet your expenses, the first thing that may come to your mind is to get a loan. The traditional loan methods are very troublesome, and there are high rejection chances by the financial institutions or banks for your loan. In this scenario, digital financial platforms come to your rescue. One such incredible instant approval loan platform is the PLANET APP by L&T Finance.

PLANET APP is a digital platform that offers various loans online. The app is easily downloadable on smartphones and can be used from India’s remotest corner. Here, you can get the quickest approval and the fastest disbursal loan amount in your bank account. It hardly takes 7-8 minutes, and the interest rate starts from as low as 12%.

L&T Finance launched the PLANET APP in March 2022 to provide their customers with a one-stop financial solution. The multilingual support of the PLANET APP to its customers allows everyone to use it easily. It helps customers seamlessly manage their accounts and get regular notifications and reminders about EMIs and offers. Now you can manage your loan, track your service request and repay your loan in a few simple clicks on your smartphone.

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Consumer Loan at PLANET APP

Consumer Loan

The consumer loan offered by the PLANET APP is the “money in account” kind of loan where you get the amount in your personal account and get all the right to use it wherever you wish. People use this loan to meet financial needs, which require a significant sum, such as weddings, vacations, home renovations, etc. You can also use it to buy home appliances. The consumer loans are available from Rs. 50,000 to 7,00,000.

1. Paperless journey

No documentation is required for the consumer loan at PLANET APP. The process is 100% digital and can be done on your smartphone quickly.

2. Easy EMIs

The consumer loan is available at easy EMIs and has a maximum tenure of 24 months. The App allows you to track your EMIs and your loan status.

3. No collateral or income proof

The PLANET APP offers consumer loans to salaried and self-employed users. No collateral or security is required for the process.

The Process to Apply for a Consumer Loan at PLANET APP

Applying for a consumer loan at PLANET APP is quick and takes only a few minutes. The steps include:

1. Checking eligibility

The app will ask for your personal details, like name, mobile number, PAN card number, etc., to check your eligibility.

2. KYC Details

You are required to share your KYC details with the app. This will require an Aadhar card number, your photo, etc.

3. Mandate registration

The next step is to get your mandatory registration. This is important for transferring the loan amount into your bank account.

4. Agreement signing

The last step is the agreement signing, where the app will send you an agreement, and you need to return the document with your digital signatures.

Two-Wheeler Loan at PLANET APP by L&T Finance

Two-Wheeler Loan

If you wish to buy your dream bike,  PLANET APP by L&T Finance will make it happen.  Two-wheeler loans help customers beat their financial shortage and buy the motorcycle in easy installments. You can apply for a Two-wheeler loan at PLANET APP with simple steps. The App also offers you a test drive and home delivery of the bike.

1. Maximum funding

The PLANET APP finances you with up to 100% of the Two-wheeler on-road price, and the loan tenure will be up to 4 years at a very reasonable Interest rate.

2. Minimal paperwork

The documents required are an Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Current Address Proof, and bank statement. However, the bank statement is optional.

3. Available PAN India

You can Avail of the Two-wheeler loan PAN India. There is no restriction on location or area to apply for a two-wheeler loan.

How to Apply for a Two-wheeler Loan at PLANET APP?

The Two-wheeler loan application includes some very simple steps:

1. Download the App

You need to download the PLANET APP and visit the two-wheeler loan section. Now click on “Apply Now.”

2. Enter your Mobile Number

You must provide your Mobile number, and you will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP for verification.

3. Fill in the form

Once the OTP is entered, you need to fill out the form with the help of our representative.

4. Complete your KYC

After filling out the form, you need to provide the KYC details. 


The PLANET APP’s excellent user interface allows the users to avail of the services without hassle. The consumer loan and two-wheeler loan are the two most availed services of the app, which offer various benefits to the users.


Scan the QR code and download the PLANET APP by L&T Finance

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