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5 Ways to Utilize a Working Capital Loan for MSME

If you are a small business owner and are seeking working capital to manage your regular business expenses such as raw material procurement, payment of wages, and other miscellaneous expenses, then working capital loans for MSME can be availed to you.

However, you need to effectively utilize the working capital loan to ensure that your business is sustained. You should ensure that you do not face challenges like cash flow concerns and the risk of inability to meet your short-term financial obligations, especially when your business is in its initial stages.

The following five different ways can help you make the best use of a working capital loan.

1. Cash Flow Management

As soon as your MSME finance loan is approved and disbursed, you need to draw out a plan to manage the cash flow of your enterprise. This can be done by identifying the periods when your business goes through a cash crunch or when large orders may come in and planning your expenditures accordingly. The flow of cash in and out of your enterprise should be monitored and controlled to meet business and investment needs.

For example, cash flow should be projected to determine whether the company will have a shortage or surplus of cash.

2. Investment in Inventory

You could also utilize your working capital loan by restocking your inventory based on the present and future demands of your customers. This would enable you to plan and award discounts to your customers to ensure more sales growth. It will also enable you to ensure that inventories get constantly ‘turned over’ as the production cycle repeats itself, with the raw material being purchased, converted first into work-in-progress, then into finished goods, and then finally being sold.

3. Planning for Seasonal Shortfalls

If you are in a seasonal business, you face a challenge in terms of a drop in sales or a delay in payments. By availing of a working capital loan, you can meet your routine expenses like rent, salaries, and supplier payments in the off-season to ensure survival.

4. Renovation and Expansion

With MSME finance, you can plan the renovation of your premises and business expansion. If you are in the retail business, a revamp can enhance the aesthetic value of your business premises and attract more customers. You could also use a working capital loan to relocate to a better location or for the introduction of a new product. You could also invest in state-of-the-art enterprise management software to enable the automation and digitization of your business.

This would also help increase your product or service’s market share, provide opportunities for teams to improve their leadership skills, reduce employee turnover and increase satisfaction, reach out to more community members, maintain/increase profits and strengthen customer service.

5. Hiring More Employees

You could utilize your MSME finance to hire more people for the job based on requirements. This would be especially needed when you expand your business. Hiring more employees can make operations efficient and expedite growth plans.

This will also enable you to pay competitive salaries, offer employee perquisites, provide safer and more health-conscious working environments, provide personal growth and development opportunities, and provide incentives to motivate employees.

Working Capital Loans for MSMEs can be used in different ways. First, identify the requirements and challenges of your enterprise, and depending on your current financial needs or growth plans, you can utilize the loan amount.

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