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Money Facts You Need To Know About The Italian Investor Visa

The Italian investor visa is an ideal immigration option for people who do not qualify for the other routes. It lets you unlock the opportunity to start a new life in the country without validating your ancestral connections, marital ties, or extended stay as a resident. Eligibility depends on your ability to invest in the country, so money is the driving force for the process.

If you want to get a better idea of the process, here you can read everything about the Investor Visa for Italy in detail. You also need to understand the financial aspects of the Italian investor visa.

Here are the money facts to know about the process.

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1. Multiple Investment Options Bring Flexibility

An investor visa application requires a hefty investment in Italy. Money is crucial, and you need a lot of it. But the good thing is that you have multiple investment options to get the start you need. It means you can buy the golden visa just the way you want by investing money according to your preference and budget. Here are the best alternatives to explore-

  • €250,000- An innovative startup
  • €500,000- An established enterprise
  • €1 million- A donation to a public project
  • €2 million- Purchase of Italian government bonds

2. You Need only Proof of Funds Initially

Another significant money fact you must know about the investor visa is that you need only proof of funds initially. These include bank statements showing you have legit funds in your account. The proof indicates you can bring the committed investment to Italy when required. You will need the statements while applying for a nulla osta (certificate of no investment), which is the first step of the process. Once you get the nulla osta, you can move ahead with the consulate application for the investor visa.

3. Money has to Come only after Landing

Although you can get the investor visa without bringing the funds to Italy, you will need to bring them eventually. The committed funds have to come within three months of landing in Italy and getting your residence permit. If you fail to bring them on time, the authorities will revoke your residence permit, and you will have to return to your country. So you must have the money at hand before landing in Italy.

4. You have to Retain the Investment for the Long Haul

Remember that the investor visa entails a long-term investment in Italy if you have citizenship goals in mind. You can qualify for citizenship by naturalization after a long stay of a decade in the country. But you have to hold the initial investment while navigating from the residence status to permanent residence and citizenship by naturalization eventually. A citizenship expert can guide you through the entire journey.

Another money fact worth knowing is that you can bring your family members to Italy without additional investment. You only have to show that you can support them financially during their stay in Italy. Let experts guide you from start to end with your money matters to make the process a breeze.

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