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Airbnb Investing 101: 4 Surefire Ways To Ensure Positive Returns

Nowadays, renting out your real estate property is easy by becoming an Airbnb host. Instead of scouring the neighborhood for renters, you can use Airbnb’s platform to attract potential clients to your place. What’s more, the reach extends to travelers from across the world who will be visiting your location.

By reaching more potential renters, you could make more money from it, especially if you know how to do it right.

Below are some surefire ways to make it happen:

1. Strive To Be A Super Host

Airbnb super hosts pertain to hosts with superb ratings, making them located at the uppermost bracket of hosts. And if you’re wondering how much can Airbnb landlords make, Airbnb landlords earn pretty well, but being a super host allows you to earn more than the average. Since it has obtained credibility, they usually can increase their prices by 15% more than their competitors. Not only that, but they can still maintain a good flow of bookings even if their fees are much higher.   

In addition, you can also treat super hosts as highly optimized owners. It means they appear on the top page of the search results, giving them a better advantage. The higher your rank is in search engines; the more people can see your property.   

Being a super host sounds fun and fabulous, but the road to being one is not easy. Airbnb regularly reviews hosts to assess whether they meet the standard requirements. Despite the long wait, Airbnb requirements are pretty straightforward. And the following are what it looks for in a host before one is considered a super host:  

  • The host must have received a five-star review among 80% of all the reviews. But around half of the previous clients should leave a review.
  • The host should have had a minimum of 10 bookings in the past.
  • The host must also maintain a response rate of 90% or more.

The qualifications are achievable; however, it requires a lot of work from the host’s end. Perhaps the hardest to achieve among the three is getting and maintaining five-star reviews.

2. Allocate Time And Money Wisely

Indeed, investing time and money in your Airbnb flat is one of the many side hustles to earn passive income. But your investment might fail if you’re not wise with your decisions. Instead of seeing revenue from your investments, you might receive a small margin. Or worse, you may not make profits at all.  

Thus, before you all go in and invest in a rental property, it’s essential to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Are you certain that this investment is profitable?
  • How’s the demand on the location of the property you’re looking at?
  • Does this property fit the needs of my target audience? Is there a more suitable property for them?

Asking these simple questions can make or break your Airbnb investment. It’s important to remember that property investments are contingent on the location. The area or the location determines the volume of demand every year. 

You also have to account for seasonal demands. Some areas are popular during specific seasons but may remain stagnant on regular days. Remember that the seasonal demand will not give you the Return on Investment (ROI) you’re looking for if the remaining months don’t bring you, tenants. 

Most importantly, property investment is about picking a place near the city or perhaps at the heart of the town. This way, you will draw more clients since the property isn’t remote from everything. Moreover, you can also charge more if your property is situated in a good location

Apart from location, you also have to consider the needs and wants of your target audience. Perhaps your target audience is geared towards single individuals who are looking for easy access to transit systems. Or your clients may have children. Whatever it is, make sure that you’re beating your competitors by keeping your target audience in mind.

3. Establish A Scalable Price

Amateur landlords often find it hard to set a price for their property which is understandable. A good trick for this is to check out what your competitors are doing. Look at their prices and try to match up with what they’re offering.  

According to Airbnb clients, private rooms typically cost around USD$60-USD$65 per night, whereas an entire lodge can go up to USD 140 or more. However, this is merely an estimation. Your prices should still depend on what your property can offer.  

One more thing to keep in mind is that prices can be scalable. If you’re starting, then you can price your property for a low cost. But as you gain more attraction and credibility, then work your way up. Start charging for more but make sure to compensate for that with good services.  

4. Automate Everything

Just like regular landlords, renting out an Airbnb comes with a lot of stress and headaches. It’s true, particularly for long-term tenants, but the good thing is Airbnb can address this common problem.  

Airbnb simplifies the process of charging and receiving payment. It also has a review system that allows both the guest and the landlord to leave feedback on each other. It is beneficial for both parties. Renters will be less likely to do anything wrong with the property once they know that the entire Airbnb community will learn about their actions.


By doing the mentioned tips above, you could hit your target profits, if not surpass them. From location to pricing, you can use them to maximize your Airbnb investment. If you have not yet tried, try them now. It may not immediately show results, but they’ll surely come. Apart from that, you can gain better passive income while staying at home.

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