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7 Car Maintenance Tips for Every Car Owner

There is no doubt that car maintenance is one of the crucial things because everyone wants to drive a perfectly maintained vehicle only. The reason why accidents on the roads are increasing is that people do not bother about the monthly service of the car. Sudden brake failure, broken windscreen, or overused tires can make you stranded on the road. Apart from the best auto insurance, every car owner should get the car serviced on time. 

Here, we have elaborated a few car maintenance tips that always prove helpful:

1. Keep the Speed Slow during Break-in Period 

The break-in period always demands patience because you need to keep the speed slow. In the first one thousand miles, the speed of the car should be kept under 55mph. The car companies often recommend a specific speed limit in this period because it helps in keeping the vehicle in perfect form for further driving

2. Fill the Tank Wisely 

We usually fill the car’s tank at any random filling station but this is not appropriate. The type of gas really matters a lot. If you are at a station where the tanker has recently filled the underground tanks then we recommend you to move out from that place. The recently filled tanks usually have stirred up sediments that clog the fuel filters in a car. Such filters can cause performance issues so it is better to stay attentive while you get the tanks filled.

3. Avoid Rash Driving 

Unnecessary jerks can cause damage to vehicles. If you want to keep the car in a good condition for a long time then make sure to not drive rashly. It is not about the safety of vehicles only but the drivers can avoid the accidents too. Rash driving is never recommended in any state and even if you are stuck behind a slow-moving truck, try not to lose patience. 

4. Change the Tyres When Needed 

Car tires can affect the vehicle’s performance directly. It is mandatory to change the tires if they are flat or have some other issues. Bumpy roads or extreme temperatures cause damage to tires. Whenever you leave for a long route, make sure to examine the tire’s condition first. A timely tread-wear indicator can save you from accidents on the road so make sure to get the tires changed whenever needed.

5. Monthly Service of Vehicle is Crucial 

Cars do require monthly service and it is vital to rely on a service station that offers the best maintenance. Timely repairing minor issues save the cost. The experts make sure to examine the vehicle’s overall condition including the engine’s performance, oil changing, brakes, mirrors, and other things. As per roadworthiness aspects, MOT is crucial in some states and you can take the car out only if it passes the MOT test.

6. Park the Vehicles at a Safe Place 

Car parking is also a headache these days because the roads are becoming messy. You should make sure to park the vehicle at a safe place while making sure that it can be reversed easily. Moreover, it is also important to ensure sufficient lighting in the parking area. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to cover the car with a protective sheet to avoid scratches or weather effects. 

7. Change the Oil after 5000 Miles 

Oil changing is a mandatory maintenance thing but people avoid it due to laziness. Car owners should avoid extra maintenance expenditures by doing small tasks on time. So, whenever the car crosses 5 thousand miles, make sure to get its oil changed but from a renowned filling station only. 

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