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Why Lasik Eye Surgery is Rarely Covered in a Health Insurance Plan?

People are often seen neglecting their health in the process of running after achieving one’s goals and objectives. But, you will realize that achieving your goals becomes difficult if your health is not in your favor. In short, your health insurance policy can support you in fulfilling your dreams and take care of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the future.

However, the reality is a little different when it comes to Lasik eye surgery. Insurance companies always keep Lasik an option, which means they rarely cover the entire cost. Wondering why one should buy health insurance policy then?

Being a sensitive part of the human body, eyes are no exception. Regular checkups, glasses, and surgery can significantly cost you a lot of money. Since not all the insurance companies cover Lasik eye surgery, you have to do a little hard work to find the ones that do. Now, you don’t need to be worried about paying for Lasik out of your pocket. Luckily, you have choices available.

Before proceeding, understand why health insurance plans don’t have an option for Lasik eye surgery.

High Risk Involved

Lasik is a complex surgery that involves high risk. Every risk and complication needs to be considered and a reputable surgeon needs to be chosen to minimize the risks. You can look for Lasik Dallas, New York or California for a reliable surgeon to reduce the chance of any complications. The risks associated with the surgery include,

  • Dry eyes
  • Poor vision after surgery
  • Vision loss due to complications
  • Low night vision, manifestation as glare, holes or double vision

Why Insurers Avoid Providing Lasik Eye Surgery Coverage?

Nowadays, health insurance is available to help the financially vulnerable people to afford the cost of medical expenses. In today’s time, you don’t have to worry about your health related issue as you always have a shield of an insurance plan. However, buying an insurance plan specifically for eye surgery is still a tricky task.

Covering the cost of eye surgery with health insurance is not possible. Reason? Insurance companies avoid offering coverage for Lasik eye surgery due to the high risks involved. If they offer such coverage, they might be required to cover treatments for minute complications. As a matter of fact, insurers don’t want to be liable for the damage caused by therapies. They might buy you a pair of glasses, but they would not consider LASIK as a health-related procedure, and rather shun it off as cosmetic surgery! The other reason being, insurance companies do not provide coverage for expensive forms of care, such as high-end refractive surgery.

What’s Next?

Every insurance plan and coverage is different. The treatments and care offered by one may differ from others. To get the best health insurance online for eye surgery, you have to search for the protection provided by different insurance companies. Before you pick any insurance plan, make sure you do plenty of research. Also, check what insurance plan will work for you and what is covered by the same.

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