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Contrary To Popular Belief: Ambulance Callouts Are Not Free

Many people incorrectly believe that calling out an ambulance is a completely free service when the opposite is in fact true. This is why every time that you call out an ambulance, you really should make sure that their services are required because it is going to hit you in the wallet or purse if you do not have some kind of insurance policy in place that covers such expenses.

Obviously, you are not a health professional and there is no way of knowing when is a good time to call out an ambulance if you haven’t gone on any kind of training that will allow you to identify such things.

Calling out an ambulance specifically in Australia can end up costing you a significant amount of money and so if you don’t have a pot of money to dip into and you don’t want to be using your rainy day money then it makes perfect financial sense that you would want to sign up for an insurance policy that can offer you ambulance only cover. When you have such a policy in place it means that all of the costs associated with calling out these medical professionals are covered and that gives you essential peace of mind so that you can stop worrying about the cost and direct your concerns toward the person who is ill.

It is difficult to know when is an appropriate time to call out an ambulance, so the following pieces of information should help you to make the right decision every single time.

1. A life-threatening situation

Again this is difficult to ascertain but if a member of your family or yourself is experiencing really bad chest pains, you can breathe easily and you’re not really aware of everything that is going on around you then this could be the first signs of a heart attack or stroke. Incidences like this require immediate medical attention so this is a time when it is entirely appropriate to call on ambulance services that you don’t have to take a loan out for.

2. A choking incident

There have a lot more than you might think and although we have seen it on television many times, the vast majority of us do not know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver properly. If this occurs and you cannot remove the blockage then try to perform CPR if you know it and get on the phone and call out an ambulance.

3. Modern traffic accidents

If the people involved in the road traffic accident are unable to move by themselves or it may be detrimental to move them yourself then it makes perfect sense that you would want to call out ambulance services to assist. It will be their job to render assistance to the patient and to provide them with essential neck and back support.

It’s unfortunate that you have to be really sure before calling an ambulance in case you pay out money for a situation that could have been dealt with by just taking them to the hospital by yourself. You should never try to put yourself in a situation such as this where you have to make a difficult decision concerning someone’s health and so making sure that you have a policy with the correct kind of ambulance cover makes a lot more sense.

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