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I Invested $100 In Bitcoin, And Guess What I Learned

There are people who spend their time buying things that they will not need in the near future. However, there are people who are utilizing this time in investing Bitcoins.

But before you go with the Bitcoin investment, you must know that no government encourages you to invest in Bitcoin as it is a decentralized currency. Cryptocurrency has always been a topic of debate.

People have always raised their concerns regarding its authenticity and credibility. But you can neglect the fact that the Bitcoin market has given more millionaires to the world than other fields in the past decade.

Just like you, there are many people who are afraid of investing in bitcoins. If you certainly do so, that can be a life-changing decision for you.

So, if you are also interested in Bitcoin investment and want to make money without lifting your finger, then an online trading app will surely help you with your first trade.

And if you are thinking why Bitcoin? Then you must keep on reading the article to get the answer.

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Why Start Your Crypto Investment with the Bitcoins?

There is a very good reason for picking Bitcoins for your first Cryptocurrency investment. Bitcoin is the most trusted Cryptocurrency. More than 60% of the total Crypto assets belong to Bitcoin alone.

Bitcoin was the first Cryptocurrency that surfaced in late 2009. And since then it has grown its roots deeper in the trading market. Today, people are using Bitcoin to do business financial transactions. Not only that with how the market is right now, you can even pay your bills in bitcoins.

Today, bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are considered more of an asset than a currency.

Bitcoin Truly Is Valuable?

Well, if you are asking whether it is valuable or not, then it depends upon the trust of the people in Bitcoin. As Bitcoin is a digital currency and has no physical presence, the only way to maintain the value of the Cryptocurrency is trust. And if you see it from the technical perspective, then it sure holds some value as blockchain technology is embedded with the bitcoins.

A Blockchain network is a public ledger where each and every piece of information is shared with all the members of the network. However, the identity of the member remains anonymous.

Are there legitimate ways to Invest in Bitcoins?

In the 2017 event, the price evaluation of the Bitcoins was around $20,000. This made people aware of a new market. That is a platform where you can invest in the bitcoins.

Today, there are several platforms trusted by experienced trades and investors. You can use them as a medium to place your first deal. The Bitcoin Market has grown in almost every country. There are countries where they also provide Bitcoin ATMs. You just have to scan the QR code of your Bitcoin wallet and you will be able to withdraw cash.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have left an impact punch in the trading market that countries are deciding to launch their own Cryptocurrency. For instance, Venezuela has already launched its own Cryptocurrency “Pedro”.


It is very hard to convince yourself to invest in the Bitcoin. But once you are up with this hurdle, you might see the trading market with a new perspective. I hope that you were able to get all the answers to the question that brings you here in this article.

However, before investing in the bitcoin, you must see how the bitcoin is performing in your country and make sure that it is legal in your country.

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