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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Applications

Let it be originally seen, blockchain has emerged in support of bitcoin digital currency. Its capacity, however, seems to go much further than its financial transactions.

Are you well aware of all its blockchain applications? This concept is not new because it was created in 2009, but it is now taking greater value and importance.

All benefits of blockchain are very essential to understand and understand. What was it designed for?


Many financial intermediaries are needed to perform the transfer of the bank. It is the act of proving and confirming all these intermediaries, that they are the same. Privacy takes place in its campaign. No one has any control over the process.

It provides for arbitration transfer, impose in it its circumstances, such as the imposition of interest.

In its translation in Spanish, its chain of obstruction and its blockchain are intended to eliminate its intermediate. Everyone has the same information about it.

Thus, you its financial transactions cannot be handled by the bank at all, this blockchain by all users in it ACTS like a database, this which is like an account, in this case, it has a copy with all the participants.

In this huge accounting database, all the parties are identified as a node, and you can connect to the P2P network without the main computer, its preferred decentralization.

You can also call its transmitted message “tokens,”. This will define the “representation of information hosted by a network”. This token can be a service or asset.

As bitcoin, you pay for either making money or buying real estate, or supplying it. The transfer of its token is grouped into blocks, and if it doesn’t fit into a block, it was grouped together into a series.

To guarantee their anonymity and to prevent fraud, a system of verification of blockchain is used. If the ‘user a’ which sends money to user b, it will make sure to send the information to the remaining ‘nodes’ in it.

Who is liable to verify that it is true for the operation? To verify this, it will only require that ‘user a’, it envisages blockchain, which supports digital currency and bitcoin, which is absolutely anonymous and 100% absolutely safe that helps to authenticate the transfer of funds. If you want to invest in bitcoins get more info here.

Blockchain Applications

However, it has the true significance of the blockchain which is now born, because it involves one such process, which can be applied for all types of transactions.

It requires verification. This means that in any case, you need to transfer in an atmosphere of mistrust between two or more parties. All its opportunities in the blockchain that are unlimited, as this will allow you to do so without sharing any of those middlemen.


By blockchain means you’re able to vote, it already has a reality in some countries, like sierra leone, in which he had become the first such person by using the blockchain in a recent election.

A company developed the platform for it. Through a mobile application, allows us to put digital voting up to 100%. Its operation, which is very simple: first of all, in voter, is a special bidi code or QR code, which is associated with its identity.

That ensures the confidentiality and authenticity of votes. It can access the voter’s application through its code, which is connected directly to the blockchain database.


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