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Bitcoin Prime: The Trading Robot

It’s never been easy to handle cryptocurrency. The number of apps out there have their glitches, which is making it even more difficult to handle. Bitcoin Prime is an application that makes it easier. The app is developed in 2014. The powerful automated trading software acts like a robot and trades your finances on your behalf.

The application is using the Al algorithms to perform the trading of crypto CFD (Contract for Differences) at the winning rate. The trader will win by both upward and downward movements of price by simply correctly predicting the market movement.

The software will assist traders in making predictions by providing them with data on market analysis in real time. Online marketing is the new global trend.

There are many other trading software is also, but Bitcoin Prime is the safest one to use. The robot mode of the app gets you rid of other tensions and provides you with an environment where you must just focus on your trade, the rest will be done by them. So, let’s get started.

How to use it?

The application is made by keeping in mind the newbies as well as the crypto gurus. The process is simple. You simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Bitcoin Prime
  2. Make an account by providing your valuable details.
  3. After signing up, your account will open and activate instantly.
  4. The next step is depositing the money to let your trading start.
  5. Your capital investment would be as minimum as 250$.
  6. Don’t worry you can deposit as much as you want.
  7. As soon as your assets will go online, the trading will get started.
  8. The app will keep you updated by providing market analysis. 
  9. You can download the app on your mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. 

Warning: Bitcoin Prime does not ensure that success will be 100% and you always get profit. All types of volatile trading do have risks. There are always chances of errors and downfalls. But as you know, there is a strong correlation between risk and return. So volatile trading is a new way to lose to win. Never set any unrealistic expectations and always start with minimum funds. Under the right terms and conditions, you can get up to 60% in daily profit.

Key Features

Now have a look at the key features of Bitcoin Prime to have more understanding of what it is offering.

1. Latest technology

The Bitcoin Prime application holds on to the advanced Al algorithms technology. It claims to analyze the CFDs and the other available financial markets. The fundamental and technical analysis is being done by using both present and past data and setting up the supreme profitable trading system. Moreover, it targets both beginners and advanced traders. You can speculate more than 80 BTC CFD pairs.  The app provides you with several tools to look after risks associated with high leverage. The transparency of the system is assured through DLT technology.

2. High rated Broker partners

They only work with extreme regulations and regulated broker-audited partners. They got the industry’s best robot brokers. The performance is improved by offering strong executions of orders by execution systems.

3. Safe and secure

The top-notch security system is being kept by the app. The system stations make sure that the personal data of users and their funds are kept secure and safe. So, it’s technically not possible for third parties to see your information. In this way, the trading environment makes it safe and easy to use.

4. Autarchy and Assistance

Assistance and autonomy are being offered by the app for different levels. You can adjust it according to your choice and experience by simply going on to the Bitcoin Prime app settings. This feature is especially aiding the newbies so that they can make the right and informed decisions for themselves. 


The people who are using this application seem to be very happy. They issued a long list of its pros, as follows:

  1. Al-driven trading system
  2. Easy to use
  3. Automated
  4. Manual trading sites have short-selling strategies
  5. Minimum requirement of investment; 250$
  6. Demos and tutorial videos are available
  7. No-signup fees
  8. Only 2% commission from only profitable accounts
  9. 10 free withdrawals facility per month
  10. Only a 1% fee is attracted after the 10th withdrawal
  11. 10,000$ withdrawal per day
  12. Safe and secure
  13. Legit company-no scam
  14. Transparent
  15. Broker regulation
  16. Encrypted by AES encryption
  17. No long hours of work
  18. Customer support

Quite impressive! 

Why do People Think it’s a Scam?

When you are given a free site to start your trading, it’s natural you’ll think it’s a scam and you’re going to be bugged. The number of reviews being given on it is a verdict that it’s not a scam. Over 50K Bitcoin Prime reviews from multiple users on Reddit, Forex Peace Army, and TrustPilot are available (You should go and check them out). More than 90% of these reviews validate that Bitcoin Prime is a profitable trading system.

So, the answer to most asked questions is NO. The site is very reputable, and they ensure safety from all malicious entities by SSL encryption on all pages, so it adds credibility. Bitcoin Prime is being reviewed by some top crypto publishers in Australia and the United Kingdom. The reach is very high. People from all over the world, Europe, North America, and Asia are using it with no doubt.

So don’t waste your time on rumors and try your luck by installing and signing up the application.

Is it free?

As the competitors of Bitcoin Prime are charging burly amounts for the trading system in the name of commission and fees, so, there’s a general aura of charging money by apps.

But don’t worry! you don’t have to pay us a single penny until you get a profit. We are offering a free license. People who sign up with us get a lifetime free license. You only have to pay us 2% of your profit. If you are not earning after signing up Bitcoin Prime will not charge you. You also will not give us any kind of deposit fee.

You can withdraw your money without any charges 10 times per month, and on the eleventh withdrawal, you must pay only 1% to us. The small accounts get high profits in this way. What are you waiting for? Go and invest in Bitcoin Prime.

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