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Why Should Consider a Vehicle Title Loan in an Emergency?

We understand that it’s very embarrassing to ask your friends or relatives for some financial help. We are here to serve you with one of the most popular loan type- vehicle title loan. The auto title loans are also known as collateral loans where the loan is secured by the title of your vehicle.

The borrowers can avail a loan if they own a vehicle with clear title. The borrower can ask the lender to provide a loan against their vehicle whether it’s a car, truck, trailer or motorcycle. If it is a motorcycle loan you’re after but have a bad credit score, then you can take out a bad credit motorcycle loan today as many loan companies do offer this. You’ll be surprised, but this is the case for any vehicle too!

Vehicle Title Loan

Whenever you are in an emergency, your vehicle can be your biggest savior as you can use it to get some money to survive the hard times. Canadian Cash Solutions is a professional team up with many title loan lenders across Canada. We want to help Canadians in their tough financial times without troubling them. If you are in a financial mess and own a vehicle which is totally lien free, you are eligible to get a loan with us. Whether you have a bad credit score or a good credit score you will be able to get a loan with us.

As these are the short-term loans so many lenders provide the loan for a time period of 30 days. But with Canadian Cash Solutions, you will get the longest loan term up to 6 years.

Here are some points you must know about the title loans.

Poor Credit is Not a Hurdle

Getting a rejection due to poor credit score when you are in urgent need of money is very stressful. Not everyone has a healthy credit score. As a result, they can’t get a loan without any hassle. We have an option for people with credit also- Bad credit car title loans- are made for such people who don’t have a good credit history or have their names on the defaulter’s list of the banks.

Quick Loans

quick loans

The process of accessing money is quite fast as we don’t have any process of credit check or you don’t need to wait for long to get the loan approval. You can fill up the online application and receive a call from our loan representative within a few minutes. Bring your vehicle along with some basic documents for verification at our office nearest to your location. We have the option available where customers can choose the amount of money according to their need, up to the total loan amount. For example, if your vehicle’s value is $40,000, and you need only $25,000, you will get an approval for $25,000. The equity left in your vehicle is $15,000 which you can take out as a loan whenever required.

Use the Money Wherever You Want

As the bar of inflation is going up, everything is becoming expensive including medical bills, education, household things/gadgets etc. Saving money in this situation sometimes becomes difficult, hence, many Canadians turn towards the loan. Getting a vehicle title loan with Canadian Cash Solutions is a good idea as you can easily cover up your expenses and get 6 years to return the loan.

In major cases, like if you are not able to pay your telephone bills or electric bills etc and are on the verge of losing the connection, a vehicle title loan will be beneficial.

You Don’t Have to Deposit Your Car

Here is the best part of the title loans that you won’t lose your vehicle. You just need to submit the copy of your vehicle’s title. Once you repay the whole loan amount you will get the title back.

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