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Test Card Numbers: Test Visa Card Number

Before you think of accepting a live financial transaction, you can take the help of payment methods and card details available on different websites to check the card integration. Test card numbers are only for experimental purposes and do not carry real transfers of funds or real monetary transactions.

You can take the help of different websites that provide the facility to test card numbers before making any payment. To test card numbers, you do not need to provide your original card details.

In this article, we will understand test card numbers and how to test visa card numbers. 

What are Test Card Numbers?

You can use these test cards to check the payments in trial or test mode only. These test card numbers are only available for trial and testing purposes. You can only use them to test the reliability of a platform.

In case you try to make a live payment through test card numbers, it will not lead to any actual transaction and the test card numbers will be shown as invalid. 

The test card numbers are ideal for business owners, developers, and online shoppers who love to buy goods and services online. These test card numbers are widely used before accepting any payment online to see if there is an issue with the integration of the card.

Basic Test Card Numbers

Test visa card numbers with the help of the table mentioned here. We have provided some test visa card numbers for you in the table ahead.

Card TypeCard NumberExpiry DateSecurity Code (CVV)Issuing Country
Classic4111 1111 4555 114203/2030737NL
Classic4988 4388 4388 430503/2030737ES
Classic4646 4646 4646 464403/2030737PL
Commercial Credit4000 6200 0000 000703/2030737US
Commercial Debit4000 0600 0000 000603/2030737US
Classic4166 6766 6766 674603/2030737NL
Commercial Premium Credit4293 1891 0000 000803/2030737AU
Commercial Premium Debit4988 0800 0000 000003/2030737IN
Consumer4111 1111 1111 111103/2030737NL
Corporate4444 3333 2222 111103/2030737GB
Corporate Credit4001 5900 0000 000103/2030737IL
Corporate Debit4000 1800 0000 000203/2030737IN
Credit4000 0200 0000 000003/2030737US
Debit4000 1600 0000 000403/2030737IN
Debit4002 6900 0000 000803/2030737AU
Debit4400 0000 0000 000803/2030737US
Fleet Credit4484 6000 0000 000403/2030737US
Fleet Debit4607 0000 0000 000903/2030737MX
Gold4977 9494 9494 949703/2030737 FR
Premium Credit4000 6400 0000 000503/2030737 AZ
Premium Credit4003 5500 0000 000303/2030737 TW
Premium Debit4000 7600 0000 000103/2030737 MU
Premium Debit4017 3400 0000 000303/2030737 RU
Purchasing Credit4005 5190 0000 000603/2030737US
Purchasing Debit4131 8400 0000 000303/2030737GT
Visa4035 5010 0000 000803/2030737FR
Visa Credit4151 5000 0000 000803/2030737US
Visa Dankort4571 0000 0000 000103/2030737DK
Visa Proprietary4199 3500 0000 000203/2030737FR

How to use Test Card, Numbers?

Here are the steps for you to follow if you want to test Visa Card Numbers.

  1. Select the payment method through a card at the checkout point.
  2. Enter your card details or test card numbers. It also depends on the testing flow.
  3. Enter a random CVV number.
  4. You can select any future date in place of the expiry date.
  5. You will be redirected to the sample payment page.
  6. If you want to make the payment successful, click on successful.
  7. If you want to fail the payment, you can click on the failure.

We have mentioned some test Visa card numbers for domestic and international usage. These test card numbers can be used by anyone on national and international websites.

You just must feed in the information on the website to get check the card integration.

Card Type Card NumbersCVVExpiry Date 
Test Visa Card Numbers (Domestic)4111 1111 1111 1111Random CVVAny future date
Test Visa card Numbers (international)4012 8888 8888 1881

5104 0600 0000 0008

Random CVVAny future date
Visa Credit Card for Subscription4718 6091 0820 4366Random CVVAny future date

You can input any random number while using these test card numbers. The expiry date of these cards is any date in the future.

Test card numbers are useful for developers, business owners, and consumers. Everyone can check the payment method of a website with the help of available test card numbers. However, you should remember that you cannot make a real transaction with the help of test card numbers. These test card numbers are not real and are only used for testing purposes. 

These test card numbers will let you know how a payment portal is working. One can also check if there is any problem with the payment link. You must do nothing but just feed the details on the website. You can find these test card numbers online. Remember to use only test card numbers for your payment testing purpose.

Test Card Numbers – FAQs

Q1. Explain the Usage of Test Card Numbers.

Ans. The test card numbers are used to detect any problems or issues while making a live payment. Anyone can use test card numbers to detect any problem in their sites or to check if the said payment platform is working smoothly.

Q2. Can Anyone Use Test Card Numbers?

Ans. Yes, anyone can use test card numbers for testing purposes online. You can also check the reliability of a payment website with the help of test card numbers.

Q3. How Can One Test Visa Card Numbers?

Ans. You can visit any reliable website to find the test visa card numbers. You must provide these numbers to the website to see if it is able to function smoothly or not. Remember to use verified websites while referring to the test visa card numbers.

Q4. Is Test Card Numbers a Good Way to Know Live Payment Reliability?

Ans. Yes, to know how much your payment website is working smoothly, you can use the test card numbers. One can also use test card numbers to check the payment method of a website while providing or purchasing any services online.

Q5. Is there any platform where I Can find the Test Card Numbers?

Ans. Yes, you can find test visa card numbers on different websites for different purposes. You can test visa card numbers for subscription, and check the reliability of a website and national and international platforms.

Q6. Can I Also Test UPI IDs Online?

Ans. Yes, you can also test UPI IDs online. You can visit any online platform for the UPI test. For that purpose, you need to select the payment method in UPI. Then check how the payment portal is working. You can also check the online websites that offer test UPI IDs.

Q7. Are Test Card Numbers Any Good?

Ans. Yes, there are many benefits of Test card numbers. It can be used by business owners, developers, or purchasers to check the functionality and reliability of an online payment portal. Nowadays, it has become crucial to make payments at trustworthy platforms only. With the help of test card numbers, people can check how authentic a website’s payment method is.

Q8. Can I Make a Live Payment with the help of Test Card Numbers?

Ans. No, you cannot make a live payment with the help of test card numbers. These numbers are only available for testing purposes and are not related to any real fund source. You can only check the integration of your card with the help of test card numbers.

Q9. How Can One Use the Test Card Numbers?

Ans. You can use your test card numbers or test visa card numbers while making a payment or at the checkout point. You must select the payment method through a card. You can enter any random CVV number. You can enter any future date in place of the expiry date. You now must click on pay.  If you want to make the payment successful then click on success, if you do not want to make the payment successful click on fail.

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