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Car Accident Victims Rights That Can Help Make Better Claim

Car accidents can be quite complex, and at times, even exhausting. Victims already have to deal with the physical wreckage, while legal complications can take the suffering to an all-new level.

In Chicago, lawsuits for car crashes can be overwhelming. With so many limitations at the end of the victim and the at-fault party, along with statutes of limitations, it is not easy to steer through the legal proceedings. Especially, when you are the victim, trying to seek compensation for your suffering.

Moreover, when you file a claim against the at-fault party, their insurer would try to reduce your claims at all costs.

Knowing what possible tantrums they might play, however, can help you avoid falling prey to them.

1. You can speak with a lawyer before you speak with the insurer

Often insurance reps speak of the urgency that victims should show when met with a car crash. However, they do not tell you that it is not necessary to call them right away.

Since your attorney would be on your side, you can expect him to advise you on the right strategy. You can, perhaps, call up your attorney first and speak to them, before you even inform your or the other party’s insurer.

2. Whatever you say can be used against you in the court

It is understandable if you stand in a state of shock right after the crash. Even more so, if you are harmed in a car accident, the chances are you might be less conscious than usual. In such a state, you might say things that you shouldn’t have. And it is noteworthy that your words can be used against you to deny your claim for compensation.

It is vital that you speak up carefully, and report only the facts to the police, before anyone else. No matter how friendly the insurance reps may seem, remember they are on the insurer’s side. And they’ll do anything to deny or lower the compensation that their employer has to pay.

3. You can go for multiple medical examinations

To your surprise, you might not be aware of the fact that if the police cannot confirm the fault and the liability, the court would appoint an investigative expert for your case. In such a situation, you actually own the right to get multiple medical examinations.

It needs no mention that more pieces of evidence help support your claim and can improve your chances of receiving justified compensation. And, your medical examination report is one of the most significant pieces of evidence.

4. You have the right to counter their denial of your claim

It is very likely that the insurer would try to decline your claim, as already mentioned. Usually, if you’re afraid, you would more likely accept their denial and be content with it.

However, as many of you won’t know, you have the right to counter their denial. Yes, you read that right. You can actually take up your case to the court and fight for your rightful claim.

An insurance company is, after all, a business, and every business prefers to gain as many profits as possible. Consequently, negotiating with the compensation they pay, actually reduces their profit margin. This is why insurance companies don’t usually tell these facts to their customers.

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