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Career Builders: Why so Many Professionals Want to Work in Sydney

It’s not just Australians who want to live and work in Sydney. 43 percent of its population comes from other countries. That’s a very high number, so you may be wondering what the big attraction is. It turns out that there are several reasons why people are eager to further their careers in this iconic city – and not all of them are work-related.

However, a move to Sydney very often starts with a career opportunity, so we’ll kick off with some tips for finding work in this multicultural city before looking at its many advantages.

Getting a Job in Sydney

It’s a competitive job market, but there are many opportunities, especially if you have specialized skills. Unless yours are very unusual and in demand, however, it would be wise to get a working visa organized (if you’re from overseas) and take some time out to visit Sydney with an eye to getting a job there.

A resume that gets you a job in Sydney must look professional and be formulated with an eye to correct English grammar. Get some help from a local company if you aren’t altogether sure of your resume-writing abilities. Next, it’s time to target specific companies that may be interested in your expertise regardless of whether they’re advertising jobs at the moment or not.

At the same time, do watch those job postings and advertisements to avoid missing out on opportunities that suit your skills. Visit employment agencies to further improve your chances, and wait for those callbacks.

But, you may be wondering why an opportunity in Sydney is so desirable that people from all over the world will go to all this effort to get a job offer. Let’s run through some of the top reasons why Sydney is such a great city in which to work.

It’s Australia’s Biggest Financial and Business Hub

Australia has several world-class cities, but Sydney gets the lion’s share of top companies looking for a home base while Melbourne is a close second. Financial services and tech-related industries are huge here, and along with that come all the professional services that businesses need to keep them running smoothly.

It’s also an educational hub with excellent schools and universities. That’s a drawcard for people hoping to offer their children good educational opportunities but also indicates a demand for educators and researchers. In short, if you’re skilled or a specialist in your field, Sydney is likely to have opportunities for you.

Jobs in Sydney: a Healthy Balance Between Work, Family, and Leisure

While the business environment is competitive and fast-paced, Australians believe in balancing work and leisure. This can come as an eye-opener to people from countries where long work hours and extreme career focus are the norms, but it will be a welcome change. A demanding job will remain just that, but your employers are likely to recognize the need for uninterrupted leisure time and may be more flexible about the time you need to take off for family responsibilities.

An Incredible Range of Fun Things to Do and Great Places to See

There’s so much to do and see in and around Sydney. Regardless of your tastes, there’s sure to be something for you. Take in the sights, enjoy worldwide cuisine options, and participate in some of the many festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the year. If all of this sounds too frenetic, break away and head for the beach for some total relaxation, or escape the city crowds at one of the many nature reserves near the city. Whether you’re into the arts, love exotic foods, or prefer to kick back and relax, there’s always something to enjoy.

A Low Crime Rate, Excellent Healthcare, and a Mild Climate

While crimes happen everywhere and Sydney is no exception to the rule, it’s a relatively safe city where you don’t have to live in constant fear of criminals. Medical facilities are excellent, but if you’re an ex-pat worker or a student, you will be responsible for your medical bills, so it’s important to have medical insurance. Nevertheless, the high standard of Australian healthcare is a definite plus. The pleasant climate that Sydney enjoys may also be an attraction for you, whether you’re from abroad or relocating from a rather chilly Melbourne.

A Beautiful, Modern City

Modernity doesn’t equate to ugliness – at least, not in Sydney. It’s regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and from its skyline to the vistas you can enjoy when looking out over its harbor, you’d be hard-put to argue this point. From its surrounding landscapes to its architectural marvels, it would be difficult to find a more beautiful city in which to live.

Is There a Downside?

In a word, yes. The biggest downside of living in Sydney is undoubtedly the high cost of living. This includes property rentals which are extremely high, even when compared to rental costs in other major cities around Australia. And, while there may be great job opportunities in the city, you won’t get paid more just because Sydney is an expensive place to live.

From a purely financial perspective, you might be better off in Melbourne, where property values are generally lower – however, you’d have to deal with colder weather and there are fewer good beaches within easy reach of the city.

The number of cars on the roads at peak times in Sydney may also give you pause. Gridlock is fairly common in Australia’s most congested city, and your commute may take longer than you’d expect owing to slow-moving traffic. However, one can’t expect one of the world’s busiest cities to be light on traffic, so it’s one of the things that goes with the territory.

Sydney is an excellent place to launch or further a career, and it’s never a case of “all work, no play.” To many of its residents, a higher cost of living and a tricky commute are small prices to pay in exchange for living in this lively city and enjoying the many work and leisure opportunities it offers.

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