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What is the Future of The Courier Business?

Aren’t we supposed to be driving flying cars by now? People not too long ago looked ahead to the future which is actually now and figured we would have flying cars.

Well, we do finally have cars that drive themselves, but the world doesn’t exactly look as it had been predicted.

Which does make it difficult to predict what the future will look like if we do it, too.

However, since we already have the technology, it can look similar to what we imagine.

In fact, the future of getting packages delivered by the courier can look very different than it does today.

In what ways will the future of courier fleets look?

In this article, we will take a look at some trends and see if we can identify what the future holds for courier businesses.

1. Self-Driving Fleets

One thing that seems almost certain is that there will be some sort of self-driving vehicle as part of the fleets. In fact, there is already a day coming soon when we will see caravans of self-driving freight trucks on the highway that will be guided by GPS.

The problem so far with self-driving cars is the fact that they are not cheap to buy and they don’t save much money by not having a driver. The insurance for self-driving cars is very high even though they tend to be safer.

It should be that a regular driver pays more for insurance since they are more likely to get into an accident.

In fact, Fleetcover conducted a study about how much it would cost to insure famous Netflix cars and you can imagine that the figures are through the roof. Self-driving cars should be the cheapest to insure but are not yet.

2. Automated Warehouses

The most likely aspect to be put to automation is going to be the warehouse. Picking and shipping are already mainly being done by robots. It is only a matter of time before all of the operations of a warehouse are being done by a machine or robot.

Due to the Internet of Things, there is a much easier and efficient way for these processes to take place since the devices can communicate with each other.

Even managing the warehouse and inventory is mainly done with software these days.

3. Drone workers

We’ve been hearing about drone deliveries for some time now but not many people have seen it in action. As the technology gets improved, it is inevitable that we will see drones dropping small packages off to homes.

In fact, it is very likely that the drone will be able to communicate with smart locks on some homes and let itself into the house to make the delivery.

Even in the automated warehouses, we will see drones moving packages around and doing some tidying up. There may even be some surprises that we haven’t predicted that drones will be carrying out.

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