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Top Ways a Phone Answering Service Can Help Your Small Business Post Preview

Small businesses often start as a one-person operation, but as the business expands, owners can feel overburdened and distracted by administrative tasks.

While personally answering the phone and making your own appointments may have worked when your business was new, expansion can necessitate that you hire a phone answering service to bump your business to the next level.

Consider the top ways that a professional answering service can help your growing company succeed.

1. Allows You to Focus on More Important Business

As your business grows, so too do the tasks you need to accomplish, and at a certain point, it becomes inefficient for you to answer every business call yourself. Constant interruptions can impact your momentum, and in turn, your level of productivity.

2. Helps Your Company Save Money 

You may wonder if it’s expensive to use a professional answering service. In reality, an answering service is much cheaper than hiring a receptionist. If you hire a receptionist, you can incur charges for salary, taxes, benefits, and training. Additionally, you may need to pay the overhead for office space and equipment.

Alternatively, you can choose to answer incoming calls yourself. This isn’t cost-effective if phone calls prevent you from focusing on more important tasks, and ultimately, it can negatively impact your company’s bottom line.

3. Puts an End to Missed Calls

When you are the only person answering your business line, there may be times when you aren’t available. You could be on another call or meeting with an important client, but if you miss a phone call from a potential customer, you may be missing a potential sale.

An answering service can eliminate this risk. Your phone calls are always answered by a live person, and customers receive the kind of service they expect. Depending on what the client needs, the agent can provide needed information, take orders, relay a message, and even forward calls to a specific extension.

4. Allows Customers To Reach You 24/7

Even if you think you can handle all calls that come in during business hours, many companies have customers who call after hours. If any of their clients are international, the odds of this happening are even greater. In today’s competitive business world, clients expect to reach a live person on the phone even when they call late at night or on the weekend.

In response to this problem, some businesses rely on voicemail, but unfortunately, studies show that most people are reluctant to leave a message. If you don’t want potential customers hanging up and taking their business elsewhere, use an answering service to ensure customers can reach a live person 24/7.

5. Delivers a High Level of Customer Service 

Phone answering services are staffed with individuals who are experts in customer service. Their only job is to deliver consistently high-quality service to clients phoning in, and as such, they are skilled at answering calls, taking orders, and gathering information quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, answering services have many people handling the phones rather than just one person. As a result, multiple calls can be handled simultaneously, and customers are greeted by a live person rather than being transferred to voicemail.

6. Helps Your Business Look More Professional 

If you are running a small start-up with only one employee (you!), there is no reason to broadcast that to the world. Customers are often more comfortable with larger, well-established companies, so they may get the wrong impression if you are directly answering business calls yourself.

Thankfully, using a professional answering service can make your company seem larger than it is. It can also provide an air of professionalism since customers are greeted by a live, professional receptionist.

As a result, client calls are answered promptly, and customers are left with a positive view of your operation.

Operating a small business can be difficult, but successful managers know that delegation can make all the difference. If your company is expanding, consider hiring an answering service to handle your phone calls while freeing you up for more important tasks.

While you focus on growing your business, the answering service can ensure that your customers receive the service they expect and deserve.

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