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15 Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

You never throw the leftover or last night’s remaining food in the garbage on the same day. If there were no glass bottles, it would be tough to store most of the liquids.

But, where do you keep your leftover food?

The food is stored in different-sized mason jars. This protects the food and gives a way to save food for the next day. It helps in regaining most of the nutrients and saving most of the environment’s energy.

But there are various uses for mason jars apart from using them in kitchens. Apart from storing foods, it can be a decent supporter in enhancing your crafty ideas. It can add to your home decor strategies.

15 Mason Jar Decoration Ideas for Home Decor

Mason jars can be unique cheap options for home decor. These are available at meager costs, and you can access these from various mason jars manufacturer. Apart from canning, these mason jar decoration ideas for home decor shown below will give your home an excellent touch.

1. Toothbrush Holder

You can use mason jars as innovative toothbrush holders. The transparent look of the container will give a decent touch to the bathroom. It can solve the mess created on the bathroom countertop. You can also modify the mason jars by designing the containers with colorful patterns and shapes.

2. Welcome Signs

Against a wooden base, you can stick or fix mason jars with ‘welcome written on the bottom half of the wooden slate. This can give a great look to the entrance of your home. This idea can give a long-lasting impression on the guests. In these jars, you can add fresh flowers to provide the gate with a more distinct appeal.

3. Vanity Light Idea

Mason jars can also serve as cost-effective yet attractive lights. To prepare vanity lights from mason jars, you will require – 2 mason jars, a sharpie, oil-rubbed bronze paint (optional), a hammer, a nail, and a builder-grade light fixture.

Remove the Lids of the Jars. Mark the size of the hole you want. Put the top again on the jar. Hammer the marked spot. Now, put the light flange into the jar. Attach the light bulb to the flange. Finally, attach the lid ring to the jar.

4. Alternative to the Pencil Holder

Mason jars can be extremely useful in creating pencil holders. You can apply your best drawing skills to the jars and change them into a small pencil holder. You can also add a cloth cover to the mason jar to enhance its value.

5. Flower Vase

You can use your empty pickle mason jars to keep flowers in them. Apart from serving as flower vases, you can also paste a beautiful family photo on these jars. You can customize these vases to any limit to give your interior designing skills a boost. It can also be colored in contrast with the place you are keeping these vases.

6. Utensil Caddy

Mason jars are ubiquitous as holders of several things. Apart from pencil holders and toothbrush holders, these can also be used as spoons and knife holders. It can make the kitchen countertop more organized and clean. You can keep all the utensil caddies together and give an aesthetic touch by using different color combinations.

7. Piggy Banks

Cost-effective piggy banks add more pennies to your savings. What could be a better option than a mason glass jar to be used as a piggy bank? Seal the mason jar lid or tighten the lid of the mason jar. Now, drill a small hole in the top. Add beautiful designs to the pot.

8. Bird Feeders

You can utilize the lids of mason jars for feeding birds. You can add grains to the cover and keep them outside your home to convey a good message to the guests.

9. Tissue Dispenser

If you want to save the costs of buying a tissue box or tissue dispenser, then create one with empty mason jars. Similar to vanity lights, cut a small hole from the lid and add tissues to the containers.

10. Sewing Kit

You can add all your stitching material in small mason jars to keep everything in place. Scissors, safety, etc., can be dangerous, so keeping them organized will help save a lot of time.

11. Cost-effective Candle

Mason jars can be a fantastic item to make your own candles. In various restaurants, these jars are used for candlelight dinners. You can hold the candles in glass containers as these are heat resistant and do not have any ominous implications.

12. Salt and Pepper Shaker

Small drills in the mason jar lids, and you have your salt and pepper shakers ready. These are the easiest crafty ideas to use at your home. You can add uniformity to all these tastemakers by designing them all in the same patterns.

13. Soap Dispenser

Just like tissue dispensers, mason jars are good options have soap dispensers. To make the same, mark the middlemost hole on the lid of the container. Drill the hole. Remove the center portion and pour the liquid soap into it. Now, immerse the dispenser pump in it.

14. Tiny Terrarium

Making terrariums is an excellent free-time activity. You can use spare or empty mason jars to make moss terrariums. Customize these jars with soil, plants, and water. However, there is very little space in these containers, so many artistry skills are required to create a terrarium.

15. Leftover Paint Containers

You can easily keep your leftover paint in mason jars. You can also identify the color due to the transparency of the jars. Before storing it in the jars, have a look at the type of paint you are keeping.


Apart from home decor, a mason jar can serve many purposes. You can additionally make your own customized set of bathroom tools, spice holders, glass vases, etc. It depends on the owners’ creativity on how unique and innovative your mason jars can be used.

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