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Importance of Private Podcasting

Employees listening to podcasts at work is fast becoming a rising trend, and it’s no surprise. The global work industry is evolving, and enterprises now see the importance of private podcasts at work.

Compared to emails and instant messaging, content strategy podcasts are more engaging, improve learning, and aid employee development. There are other benefits, depending on your choice of hosting platform.

Podbean is our recommended choice. Not only because of its free starter plan, but the interface is also easy for newbies and professionals.

Keep reading as we explore the importance of private podcasts for every enterprise.

6 Benefits of Private Podcast

Why should employees listen to podcasts at work? Check out our top 6 reasons to start an internal comms pro podcast.

1. Creating Brand Awareness

Specific roles and responsibilities of your employees can become a routine that they lose awareness of the company’s brand values and ideas. Starting an engaging internal comms podcast should solve that.

A good podcast content strategy bridges the communication gap between employees. It serves as a platform to discuss internal company matters and rekindle the company’s culture in everyone. However, consistency in podcast schedules is also suggested to maximize the impact of employees listening to podcasts at work.

2. More Engaging Communication

The private podcast offers more engaging communication solutions, whether audio or video content. The human voice carries a different power when compared to written words. That is because speaking is more engaging, especially considering how personal it can be.

Engaging podcasts pass your recorded message exactly as intended. They allow room for emotions, and employees can easily perceive the urgency or importance of the content. All you have to do is talk like you would have done when communicating face-to-face with the team.

Another importance of engaging internal comms podcasts is how departments can utilize them to express internal concerns and group updates. There is higher interaction between teams, and business goals are better achieved.

3. Improved Learning Systems

If you already know how to start a podcast for your business, you’d agree to its importance in aiding learning systems. Internal podcasts can be used for professional employee onboarding. Strong company values, objectives, expected roles & responsibilities are recorded in evergreen content that can be played for subsequently new hires.

Besides, employees listening to podcasts at work could also be implemented to support learning management systems (LMS). Your staff needs extra help understanding internal company courses and training programs. A great podcast content strategy should do that.

That’s possible via recording an explanatory audio podcast on the suggested modules. Some podcast hosting services even offer analytics to measure specific performances of the listener. The next sub-heading explains that better.

4. Communication Analytics

The ability to obtain analytical data on uploaded internal content is another benefit of private podcasts at work. With a good podcast hosting platform, you can see who viewed the podcast episode, the podcast title with the highest views, and other engagement metrics.

By checking the active listeners, you can determine which topics your employees would be interested in. You also know if important company updates have been circulated to the team. That means little assumptions and more proactiveness – the dream of any enterprise manager.

Furthermore, an excellent content strategy podcast can boost the outcome of educational training materials. When you integrate some content with your internal communication podcast, follow-up becomes much easier.

5. Supporting Hybrid Workforce

We must mention the hybrid workforce to discuss the importance of private podcasts for enterprises. Employees who are partly working out of the office often miss important team updates.

Even when they don’t miss team news, they can feel isolated, affecting the collective staff output. Creating an engaging internal professional podcast helps curb such scenarios and update employees in real time.

What’s more? They can also listen to the content strategy podcast on the road, bus, or working from home. Workers in other time zones don’t have to worry about keeping up with odd-hours group calls. That’s how convenient podcasts are, which explains their increasing popularity across different industries.

6. Helping with Screen Fatigue

Having your employees listen to podcasts at work reduces some time that would have been spent reading a long newsletter. There is something called computer vision syndrome (CVS) that causes work migraines or strained eye vision. It is often due to staring at the screen for long hours.

You can’t completely stop team members from using their computers for office duties, but uploading company updates as an audio podcast will give them some much-deserved screen break.

How to Start a Podcast for Your Business?

This section answers the important question: How to start a business podcast?

It’s expected that you now understand the role or importance of private podcasts for your enterprise. However, getting started can be challenging. Not that difficult, but it is certainly worth some planning.

The best podcast content strategy starts with determining the podcast’s purpose. Do you want the podcast to be a weekly update from the CEO? A fortnightly collaboration between teams? One for onboarding new employees? The intent of the podcast must be clearly stated.

You should then proceed to write the script. An easy way to launch engaging podcasts for internal business is to prepare outlines for the first 3 – 5 episodes. You don’t necessarily have to write everything word by word. That will only make you sound like you are reading a script.

Instead, outline the points in bulleted form. It saves you the pressure of meeting up with release schedules. Also, the audio quality is important, and a poorly recorded episode will not generate enough engagement.

One more thing. Remember to edit every recorded podcast. Editing does not only involve checking for errors. It also includes previewing the sound quality and adding background audio where necessary. Finally, pick an extensive podcast hosting platform and ensure the employees follow up with each podcast release.

If you want more engagement in your podcasts, you can use an AI-based voiceover tool. It will help you enhance your podcast’s quality with 20+ languages and 120+ text-to-speech voices. And you can also select the tone, pitch, and emphasis according to your preference.


Private podcasts are more engaging and allow you to connect with employees on a more personal level. That is because management-employee communication gaps are reduced with increased brand awareness.

However, getting an excellent podcast hosting platform is crucial. You get access to improved analytics on your engaging podcasts. You also see the number of employees listening to podcasts at work.

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