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How to Support the Product Development Process at All Stages: Idea to Production

Statista claims the world’s food market nowadays is estimated at $9.24 tln and will rise by more than 7% annually by 2028. Experts state that the pharmacological and medical product industries are also developing intensively. The mentioned trends cause the active creation of new recipes and the refreshment of existing ones. Such processes, however, have numerous pitfalls related to establishing cooperation with new suppliers, adjusting the proceeding process to current legislation, etc.

Specialists recommend using SAP software solutions to simplify the output of newly-made products. However, business owners should order such app development only from reputable IT platforms (like LeverX). That’s because dubious agencies frequently deliver low-quality applications at too high a cost. Experts even created a list of the main features of SAP implementation services as a part of the recipe development (RD) process to help entrepreneurs enhance their effectiveness. So, let’s look at those recommendations in more detail.

What Is SAP RD Software?

Recipe development software represents an integrated end-to-end solution that allows enterprises to enhance the following processes essentially:

  • Keeping care of existing produce’s renovation;
  • New product creation from the early stages;
  • Managing existing produce.

RD software enables you to store information about substances, products, and ingredients in a centralized database with custom attributes. This helps save time as well as makes workflow more convenient.

What Issues Should SAP Software Solve?

The specified systems allow for cutting innovation cycles as well as accelerating time-to-market. Additionally, SAP implementation solves the subsequent issues:

  • Keeping RD expenses on target;
  • Quick adaptation to market requirements, customer and stakeholder needs, as well as local legislative demands;
  • Effective management of development processes across branches and departments of a company.

Thus, if entrepreneurs want to succeed, they should order SAP implementation services delivered by teams with skilled professionals from plenty of industries (such as LeverX).

What Pitfalls May You Sidestep Using Recipe Development Apps?

The underwater stones below are common to almost each manufacturing stage. So, recipe development solutions are versatile tools that allow for improving product proceeding processes generally. So, SAP RD apps help overcome the following riffs:

1. Issues with Controlling 

Plenty of product development processes going simultaneously. Here, SAP applications may assist you by performing routing processes automatically.

2. Problems with Recipe Optimization

The manual creation of a perfect product in every sense is just impossible. RD software can help entrepreneurs adjust their new recipes. The applications enable you to make numerous changes at the same time without huge manufacturing breaks.

3. Difficulties with Considering all Necessary Manufacturing Factors

The latter includes physical together with chemical properties, ingredients, as well as nutrients of a new product. Furthermore, production and storage temperatures, along with suitable packaging types, should be considered. Implementation of SAP will accelerate the analysis of critical production aspects.

4. High Probability of Making Mistakes

Many enterprises worldwide still use hefty amounts of manual labor instead of introducing automated features. Consequently, the human factor’s impact is significant in such companies. As a result, the margin of error increases substantially in such cases. In turn, the cost of a mistake may be incredibly high when creating pharmacological, medical, or food products. SAP RD solutions will help you avoid faults by robotizing critical operations.

5. Adjusting Production Processes to the Laws of Different Countries

This problem is common among hefty international companies. RD software will assist in organizing new product proceedings by sorting their packaging, labeling, etc.

Experts recommend carefully analyzing probable issues before ordering SAP implementation services. Such an approach will help make the process of manufacturing your new product even more efficient.

Key RD Software Use Cases in the Product Development Process

Specialists recommend employing SAP applications in the following ways:

  1. Creation, as well as management, of recipes for finished produce and semi-products manufacturing.
  2. Development of specifications for packaging together with ingredients. This helps standardize your production process.
  3. Transferring recipes to production. This way, interaction among different company departments and branches gets better.
  4. Accessing regulatory information for compliance purposes. You will always be aware of changes and amendments to current legislation after SAP service implementation.
  5. Automated report creation. This is an incredibly helpful function if an inspector visits your enterprise.
  6. Storing product creation history, including recipes’ or formulas’ adjustments made. Sometimes, viewing such information may assist in discovering hidden shortcomings in a new product. Moreover, consumers occasionally refuse to buy new produce. In this case, you can always return to a previous product recipe using its development history.
  7. Managing cooperation with new and existing suppliers. That’s necessary, for instance, if your products have plenty of different ingredients delivered by separate brands.

The range of SAP RD solution use cases permanently expands as the described software is constantly enhanced. So, consult with professionals (e.g., from leverx.com) to get up-to-date information on this topic.


Implementing SAP services when creating new food, medical, and pharmacological products can save time, reduce corporate expenses, as well as increase production process effectiveness. Furthermore, you’ll always know about current legislative shifts using such applications. Additionally, SAP RD solutions can essentially enhance your cooperation with suppliers.

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