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How to Coupon for Beginners: Ultimate Guide 2023

Have enough spending large amounts on groceries? Quick discounts can save you money and make visiting supermarkets less stressful. Explore how to coupon for beginners and start your new life with couponing! 

What is Couponing? 

Couponing is an excellent way to save money not only with print coupons (weekly flyers) but also with their online versions. Coupons can be used in various places, including grocery stores, hotels, and more. You can get them for free and discover the best deals during your shopping trips. 

To maximize your savings, you can choose between store and manufacturer’s coupons. A manufacturer’s coupon is issued by the manufacturer, while store coupons are provided by specific retailers. Furthermore, you can use manufacturer coupons at any retailer, whereas store options are limited to particular locations. In several cases, stores may permit you to use these two options simultaneously.

How Does Couponing Work?

Shoppers can find coupons online or in a newspaper insert and use them to purchase items in a specific store. While it is enough to bring your paper coupons to the store, digital coupons must be activated in your account with your email and password. 

During your research on coupon sites, it is crucial to pay attention to the expiration date of discounts, as they are usually limited. Additionally, it is essential to consider whether you need the item offered by the store coupon since expired coupons often tempt you into purchasing unnecessary things. 

How to Coupon for Groceries

Couponing offers numerous ways to find discounts and save money on buying everyday essentials: 

  • Newspaper Subscription 

While it may seem old-fashioned, you can find many excellent deals and high-value coupon inserts in your Sunday paper. Your subscription can save hundreds of dollars daily, finding discounts for items from your shopping list. 

  • Account on Shopping Sites 

Creating an account on your favorite shopping website is a must-do for all shoppers. Check if your online store offers a loyalty program for its customers and sends free samples of its items. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy your favorite products on a sale or even receive them for free! 

  • Installation of Retailers Mobile Apps

You can use your store’s mobile app to find coupons for items purchased. Furthermore, you will be among the first to know if there is a sale! 

  • Couponing Websites 

Another way to get a fresh and easy coupon and start couponing is to explore websites that offer coupons and additional savings alternatives. Shoppers can find many excellent deals on these sites and save cash on buying items from their grocery list. 

  • Social Media 

One of the best ideas for couponing for beginners is to follow your favorite stores on social media. Numerous brands share information about the best deals on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Follow them to stay updated on new money-saving options! 

  • In-Store Coupons

One of the best tips for beginner couponers is to ask your store about free coupons and other deals. For example, you can go to the customer service desk at Walmart to explore if they have any savings options for clients. Walmart is known for offering a variety of printable coupons and promo codes, which can make your shopping more affordable.

Why Do You Need to Try Couponing? 

Couponing is not only an excellent way to get a product for free. Being an active coupon user can help you consistently save funds and spend less on your shopping list. If you still don’t have any savings, coupons will help you put money ahead and feel more confident financially. 

Have you found the coupon for a necessary item but can’t afford it at the moment? A $100 loan online is an excellent solution! The extra cash from online lenders will help you enjoy quick discounts and save money with a coupon. Get the loan decision in minutes and receive the funds in your bank account the next business day.

Who Are Extreme Couponers? 

One of the main tips for everyone with coupons is not to start extreme couponing. An extreme couponer is a person who attempts to buy everything on sale. Even if they don’t need a specific product, they may purchase it solely due to the lower price, resulting in spending more time and funds by frequently visiting stores. 

7 Tips to Save Money With a Coupon

Don’t know how to use your in-store coupon correctly? No worries! Read our seven tips and increase your savings amount on buying basic things at a lower price. 

1. Buy Only Necessary Items 

Having a coupon may encourage you to buy a thing you don’t need. You will pay for the transportation, the item itself, and ultimately not use it. Impulsive purchases can result in depleting your savings rather than increasing them. 

2. Use the Coupon on Time 

Ensure to check the expiration date of your coupon to use it on time. Don’t postpone your purchase if you see the coupon is valid for several days. There are many nonperishable products available that you can buy and consume over an extended period. Examples of such items include rice, pasta, or canned goods. 

3. “Stack” Your Coupons 

To save the most money, consider using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon to obtain a deeper discount on an item. 

4. Read the Coupon Requirements

Coupons often have strict requirements, so ensure you understand and meet them. Frequently, items are on sale only for specific sizes.  For example, the coupon may be deemed invalid if you buy 120 ml of cream instead of 100. 

5. Analyze Prices

A coupon may offer you to buy a product at a higher price compared to another store. Therefore, it is important to compare prices in different stores to make a bargain purchase and save the most money. 

6. Make a Shopping List 

Creating a shopping list is an excellent strategy that can help you avoid overspending and ensure you purchase all the necessary products efficiently. Moreover, you can organize your coupon stash and prepare coupons in advance for the items you intend to buy. You can create your list on paper or utilize a mobile application that assists you in organizing the things you need to purchase.

7. Learn the Coupon Policy 

Each coupon has its own policy. While it is permissible to double several coupons and use them without creating a loyalty program account, in the case of others, the rules may vary for others. Therefore, it is essential to learn the coupon policy carefully to avoid inconveniences. 


When you know how to coupon for beginners, you can make profitable deals and save funds on buying basic things. However, it is crucial to use coupons correctly to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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