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The Business Owners Eligible To Claim The Employee Retention Credit

Employee Retentions Credit Tax was made for those entrepreneurs who faced the loss of revenue during the years 2020 and 2021. The government of various nations has made these funds to incentivize those firms of all sizes and shapes to provide salaries to employers during the time phase.

Eligible firms can draw cash of $7000 quarterly to make the payroll per quarter from 2021. They may also qualify for each employer’s $5,000 per month during 2020. Congress amended this program in 2020 to help small firms significantly.

Business Eligibility Requirements to Claim this ERC

The ERC was designed to help the firms running small businesses recover from the losses and run their businesses after a severe hit from the pandemic. The private companies may strive to this criteria has been drawn by the governments and funding sector of the country.

  • The government closed your local shop or business during the lockdown or partially opened after the lockdown.
  • Your gross income for 2020 fell by 50% compared to the same quarter of 2019. As a result, you are eligible to claim the funds offered by the government.
  • Gross receipt for the single quarter has fallen almost to 50% for the tax credit compared to the year 2021.

If you were not in business before 2019, show that you started your business in 2020. Hence, a severe blow after March due to the pandemic may qualify as a standalone business holder for the ERC for wages paid.

Calculating the Size of the ERC

Eligible companies are also welcome to claim a refundable credit from the money they are paying in Social Security tax. The tax can be up to 70% paid out to employees. These wages are based on the salaries that you are paying to your employees. Almost 500 hundred of your staff members can be paid their wages on time even if your shop is partially opened and has a decline in gross receipts. Thus, you can pay up to $1000 per employee per quarter in 2021. Therefore, the maximum ERC available is $7,000 per quarter.

For example, if you are running a restaurant but are meeting a 20% reduction in gross receipts during the year 2021, a severe fall from what you saved in Q1 2019, you can request a tax credit. It can be up to $7,000 per employee of the year. If that trend continues, you could claim the ERC for Q1 through Q3. Thus, apply for The ERTC. You can get a concession from tax and gear up the revenue by gaining assistance from the ERC Today.


All the above calculations have been made for small-scale industries. However, they are for understanding that claiming these funds is very valuable for the safety of your business and give a kick start to your company for another time to earn revenue from the market by running it in full-fledged.

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