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8 Best Superhero Movies To Watch With Your Kids

Kids love an action-packed, costume-wearing superhero who is helping solve crimes and put the bad guys behind bars. Even though such movies are far from reality, they give a sense of belief and hope and dive into the majestic part of the universe of what could be. These movies help fire the imagination of children and most of all help them believe in good guys.

The internet is flooded with superhero, action-packed movies to keep us on the edge of our seats. However, based on ratings, reviews, and fan-following, we have narrowed down the very best superhero series worth investing your time in. Some of these are based on bestselling comics whilst others have a fan base of their own.

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With that sorted, let’s get into the list of the top superhero movies that you can watch on the internet:

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1. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Fighting over the hammer, both brothers, Thor and Loki outdo themselves in this movie. It has a crossover where Loki turns into Captain America to taunt his brother and we are all for it! From the VFX to the plot, the entire movie is worth the watch!

We rate this movie 8/10 as it’s overall a good experience and gave us some of the most iconic superhero characters of all time.

2. The Wolverine (2013)

If you have watched the X-Men, you have to be familiar with the mutants and Wolverine, the man with the ability to heal any wound inflicted on his body, not age, and generate claws from his fists. This movie is based on his life during World War 2 when he saves a soldier, who turns out an enemy hungry for his powers.

From the cinematography to getting the historical facts right – and even finding the love of his life, the movie is a must-watch. Other than the superhero action, it has a superb storyline. This has to be one of our favorite superhero movies and we’ll rate it 10/10.

3. The PowerPuff Girls Movie (2002)

This animation is not only nostalgic but is one of the oldest-running Cartoon Network originals of all time. Three artificially created girls with chemical X and all things nice, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup fight crime and save the day.

This movie is an ongoing episode of the series with all villains such as the Amoeba Boys, Mojo Jojo, and The Princess involved. From children to adults, everyone is a fan of the professor’s little accident. It’s recommended for the age group of kids that are 6+ and our rating for this movie is 8/10.

4. Batman Forever (1995)

This Batman movie is an absolute classic that features all of its iconic characters such as the Riddler from the comic book series. If you are a Batman fan, you need to watch this version. This movie is a must-watch and it gets a solid 9.5/10 on our list.

5. Aquaman (2013)

Though Aquaman is the less popular hero in the comics, the movie which revolved around the hero’s time underwater was not expected to gross as high as it did, mainly due to the magnificent direction and strong stance, away from the previous Marvel and DC movies that came out that year. We’d rate this movie 8/10 as is an entertaining watch overall.

6. Megamind (2010)

One of Disney’s more outstanding animated creations, Megamind is the story of a rather blue hero who is in fact one of the bad guys and is up to no good. The movie revolves around the story of him becoming an actual hero when his self-created hero figure becomes a villain and he is forced to retreat to the act of goodness – something he had in himself all along.

Our rating for this Disney special is 9/10 as we loved watching it and we’re sure your kids will love it too.

7. The Incredibles (2004)

This is a Disney original movie where a seemingly ordinary family has superpowers – from the mother being an elastic woman, the dad being eerily strong to the son having super speed and the daughter the power of psychokinesis, and the youngest child having the most unique gift of shape-shifting. This is a family watch full of emotions, action, and a sequel! This movie is a proper 10/10 and we’re sure your kids will love it.

8. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

This has to be the best part of the Avengers series where half of the Universe is wiped out because Thanos – the wickedest villain without any empathy whatsoever, collects stones from across the universe to justify his necessary genocide.

To him, it is a favor to the living; to the entire population, not so much. The movie left cinemas across the world in a state of shock with the cliffhanger ending and out-of-the-world cinematography. As Avengers: Infinity War was a complete package so we rate it a full 10/10.

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Wrapping up

We hope this list helps you pick out the perfect superhero movie to watch with your kids. All the ratings are completely honest and unbiased. So plan a movie night with your family and put on some action. Happy watching!

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