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5 Questions Will Change the Way You Choose Office Space

Whether you have a startup and you need your very first office space, or you’re a more established business wanting to expand, choosing the right office space can be a challenge.

The following questions will help to change the way you choose office space. 

1. Who will use the office?

The nature of your business will play a large part in deciding which office space is best for you. There’s no point in choosing an office tucked away in a remote area if your clients need to find it. Convenience for clients is vital if you have a human-based business. Who will use the office is a key factor to consider because it will change the type of space you need. It will affect factors such as whether you need a receptionist or swipe cards, the number of conference rooms, and how you will lay out work areas. 

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2. What flexibility will you have?

What the pandemic has taught us is that flexibility is of prime importance for businesses. You don’t want to get locked into a lease agreement for five years if you’re a startup. You need the kind of arrangement that allows you to scale your business up when you’re ready for this. 

A traditional type of office space is likely to be the least flexible option. Shared office space can work well in terms of flexibility. It gives you more opportunities to scale with relative ease. In a co-working space, it is very easy to add, subtract and move desks on a monthly basis if necessary. 

3. Will your employees be comfortable and happy?

Your employees are most productive when you take their well-being and comfort into account. They deserve a comfortable, well-lit working space. They should have the space they need not feel cramped and confined. Natural light can help to improve their sense of well-being. 

If you choose an office space simply because it’s affordable, you could end up with an office environment that isn’t conducive to employee happiness. When they’re too cold or hot, cramped, and miserable, it will be difficult for them to feel motivated to perform. 

Employees need access to office amenities like break rooms. They also want access to nearby amenities like restaurants, childcare, shops, and gyms. The office should have access to transport, and if they drive to work, you need to provide adequate parking for them. 

4. What expenses come with the space?

Are you aware of all the expenses that come with the space? When considering rental costs, you must be aware that landlords will often charge you hidden fees. You need to be clear about what costs you are responsible for and which costs the landlord will cover. 

Shared office spaces can help you to reduce your overheads because you will share certain expenses. You can share expensive technology, and you will have access to the most up-to-date equipment. You can even share a receptionist with others. You will also most likely have access to the fastest internet speeds.

5. Do the space and neighborhood suit your brand image?

The office space you choose and its design aesthetic should reflect your brand. If you run a legal firm, you will probably want your office space to be more traditional and prestigious. If you are a tech startup, your office space is likely to be modern and innovative. 

Considering the neighborhood in which the office space is located is also important. Surrounding businesses could have an impact on how your business is perceived. You may be able to ‘piggyback’ on the ability of neighboring businesses to draw customers to an area. In some cases, physical closeness to competitors is not an issue, but for other businesses, an absence of competitors is an advantage. 

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When choosing an office space, you need to consider its proximity to clients, suppliers, employees, etc. Who makes use of the office space will influence your choice. It’s best to have a certain amount of flexibility, and you need to make sure your employees will be comfortable and happy. Of course, your overhead costs are an important consideration, and you also need to find a space that suits your brand.

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