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Top 4 Advanced Life Insurance Policies in 2018

Life insurance policies are becoming increasingly necessary to get due to the unstable lives of people all around the world with the ever rising prices of just to eat and drink daily.

why life insurance

When Should You Have Life Insurance?

Life insurance policy is something that is incredibly vital for every human being existing – be it at birth or when they are well into their life. There are several sources where

fixed deposits

What is Fixed Deposit? A Guide for Fixed Deposit Schemes

It is a financial instrument offered by banks or NBFCs which provide investors a high rate of interest than a regular savings account till a given or decided maturity date. You may

planning for life insurance

Who’s Planning to Buy Life Insurance? Best Things to Know While Buying any Policy

A life insurance is a policy that is provided by insurance providers like Bajaj Allianz or Life Insurance Corporation of India. This policy will provide its holder with a lump sum at

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What is the Cost of Green Driving?

Green driving

We all know that the world of motoring is changing – manufacturers are looking to consign the regular internal combustion engine to history in the near future, the governments will be banning petrol and diesel cars within the next decades and the niche market of hybrids and electric vehicles is growing in popularity. But what is the true cost of being environmentally friendly? Is it as simple as buying an economical car?

Best Things to Avoid Life Insurance Low Risk Coverage

Let’s start with this great investment idea where you have to invest Rs. 25,000 monthly for the next 20 years and from the 21st year onwards, you’ll get Rs. 64,000 per month for the coming 16 years. Apart from this, your income will be increasing at a rate of 6-7% annually and you will also get a tax exemption in this investment under section 80C. Not only this, your income after the 20th year is also going to be tax free and you’ll get an insurance cover of approximately Rs. 80 lakhs.


Assignment under Life Insurance

life insurance assignment

Insurance is a type of a contract between the policy holder and the insurance company. Under which the bond known as a certificate contains the details of the benefits, sum assured and the type of premium processes executed for the certain period. In case you are trying to apply for a home loan, then your home loan service provider will surely going to use this particular term plan. Term insurance is given a new meaning under the category of assignment but before you proceed and take its advantages, it is vital to understand its difference, usage and credibility.

Is Guaranteed Life Insurance a Good Deal?

guaranteed life insurance

It is nearly impossible to listen to the radio or watch a ballgame on television without being inundated with commercials advertising Guaranteed issue life insurance. As a result of all this advertising, you may be wondering if the product is it’s worth the price. Well, keep reading. All of your questions about guaranteed issue life insurance are answered in this article.



Explained about Pure Risk Protection Plan

Pure Risk Protection Plan

Any individual, who is married and has kids or parents who are monetarily dependent on him, should certainly be financially prepared and take measures to ensure an alternative income source for his dependents after his untimely demise. A term insurance plan is a life insurance plan that assures a predefined sum of money, called Sum Assured, to the nominees as declared by the policyholder.


Online Aggregators Vs Insurance Agents – Who’s the Best?

Online Aggregator Vs Insurance Agents

Today people have developed extra prompt about insurance buying with steadily rising consciousness more and more persons are realizing the importance of having life insurance to secure the loved ones from any type of unforeseen or emergency situation. With the significant growth of digital sectors and online aggregators has helped buyers to opt for the online life insurance policy and has exposed them to the world of benefits that sees new buyers being added every day.

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