financial planning

6 Facts Proving Financial Planning Is Not Just for Rich People

Many people are under the misconception that they need to accumulate a certain amount of wealth before they can start thinking about investing their money. But, this is far from the truth.

why life insurance

When Should You Have Life Insurance?

Life insurance policy is something that is incredibly vital for every human being existing – be it at birth or when they are well into their life. There are several sources where

fixed deposits

What is Fixed Deposit? A Guide for Fixed Deposit Schemes

It is a financial instrument offered by banks or NBFCs which provide investors a high rate of interest than a regular savings account till a given or decided maturity date. You may

planning for life insurance

Who’s Planning to Buy Life Insurance? Best Things to Know While Buying any Policy

A life insurance is a policy that is provided by insurance providers like Bajaj Allianz or Life Insurance Corporation of India. This policy will provide its holder with a lump sum at

How to Start Your First Investment Plan

how to start investment plan

Investing doesn’t have to be a scary prospect.

You’ve heard the horror stories of people losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.You do not want to make the same mistake. There are easy ways to invest your money without losing it. My first investment was a 401K account through an employer. I had no idea how much money I needed for retirement.

7 Reasons That Prove Investment Is the Best Way for Retirement

Often we ignore the future to enjoy the momentary pleasures of life. However, it is important to prepare yourself financially for the future so that even if you retire, you are not shaky financially. So, what’s the best way to secure your future financially? – Investment is the answer. 

The Truth About California’s Giant Economy and Why It’s Failing

california’s giant economy

United States citizens often think of California as one of the most prominent states in the country. In addition to its powerful, large size, it’s also the home of incredible cities, like Los Angeles, Fresno, and San Francisco. The state’s economy makes up 14 percent of the United States’ economy, further proving that it’s a powerhouse.

5 Ways to Profit from an Unwanted Rental

unwanted rental

Trying to figure out what to do with an unwanted rental property can be something of a nightmare. After all you have enough on your plate with your day job, running a household, trying to stay on top of life admin and maintain some element of a personal life. There is a lot of stress associated with having a property remain unoccupied but there needn’t be. If you shift your perspective somewhat, you realize that this could be a completely positive thing.


7 Reasons Why Credit Cards Are Bad For You

why credit card bad

Do you always have a credit card with you? Are you trapped in the terrifying clutches of credit card debts? What is your plan to repay them? Do you have any idea how much extra will you be paying? credit cards allow you to purchase in the present while paying for it in the future. Sounds fascinating, right? It isn’t so! The due payment is not the actual value of the product which you have purchased,

Profitable Investment That Yield Guaranteed Profit

In our modern lifestyle, your casual day job just isn’t enough to secure your financial future.  Living expenses have just become too expensive and salaries just aren’t enough to cover living expenses as well as future investments anymore.  Even companies with great benefits such as a good pension fund aren’t enough to result in a good retirement anymore.


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