life insurance for nris

Life Insurance Eligibility Criteria’s for NRIs

In this age of globalization, settling overseas is getting more and more common. You may need to relocate to a foreign country due to your job, business or higher studies. Though you

claim settlement importance

What is the Importance of Claim Settlement?

Reputation of an insurance company is mainly based upon its claim settlement ratio. People usually prefer those insurance houses that show higher percentage of claim settlement ratio. Higher percentage of claim settlement

why life insurance important for women

Important Reasons – Why Women Need Life Insurance?

Before we understand the need for a life insurance for women it is first important to be clear on what a life insurance policy is. A life insurance is basically a contract

nris life insurance

NRIs Life Insurance: Why NRIs are Buying Life Insurance in India

Life insurance is as necessary as other basic requirements of life. Every person in India has at least one life insurance plan in his investment portfolio. It has become very common that

7 Most Common Myths About Fixed Deposits

Rising interest rates and explosive stock markets, it’s this time when banks and financial organizations are aggressively marketing the safe investment option: Fixed deposits. However, very often we see that various misconceptions about fixed deposits prevail among investors. Here’s making you aware about some of the most common myths and facts that you may face while investing in one.

6 Money Habits of Financially Smart People

financial fit

Dealing with personal finances isn’t the most fun way to spend an evening. This chore is boring for many; others may find it daunting or even stressful. It’s a task that many of us wish we didn’t need to think or worry about. However, managing your money is important. The problem is that it may not come naturally to everyone. Keeping your finances in order requires discipline and good money habits.



What is the Cost of Green Driving?

Green driving

We all know that the world of motoring is changing – manufacturers are looking to consign the regular internal combustion engine to history in the near future, the governments will be banning petrol and diesel cars within the next decades and the niche market of hybrids and electric vehicles is growing in popularity. But what is the true cost of being environmentally friendly? Is it as simple as buying an economical car?

The US and India Mortgage Sectors: A Comparison

Mortgage, in layman’s terms, is a loan from a bank or a financial institution, granted in lieu of a tangible asset as security. The sum is paid back by the individual or business who had applied for the loan over a pre-determined time period, at a pre-defined interest rate, and get the ownership of the asset transferred after settling down the entire loan amount.

All You Need to Know about New Generation ULIP

ulip for young generations

Unit-linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is an insurance product which gives you the option to make an investment with getting insured. A portion of the premium paid by you is utilized towards insurance, and the remaining portion is invested in funds chosen by you. This gives you an additional benefit of return on investment with a term insurance plan in just one scheme.



5 Ways to Get Money on the Fly

save money

There are times when you could use some extra cash, to buy something of your desire or to spoil yourself on the weekend. And there are moments when you desperately need to have a little extra money available for current expenses. In both cases, you need to come up with quick solutions to get the money you need for bills or debts. In this context, having some reliable sources of money on hand is essential to make it to the end of the month.

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