4 Things Every Cryptocurrency Investor Should Watch Closely

Cryptocurrency investment is a very tricky subject, but one that increasingly demands attention. With several prominent cryptocurrencies having established formidable value in the past year and-a-half, everyone from financial experts to young amateurs seems to be considering buying in. It seems as though everywhere we go we are surrounded by news regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This was especially the case when Paris Hilton father’s house auctioned in cryptocurrency for $38 million. Cryptocurrencies are now being used by a vast array of different people, not just experts in the field.

That may or may not be a good idea depending on your specific financial circumstances and the exact investment climate at any given time. But if you’re even considering investing in cryptocurrency,

There are several things you’ll want to keep a close eye on.

  1. Regulation News

Noting has a greater effect on the prices of cryptocurrencies than government regulation decisions. Because bitcoin is specifically not regulated on a universal basis, and doesn’t belong to any one institution, the decisions by individual states to weigh in on trade in any way can have a profound impact. Traditionally, a company with significant financial influence restricting bitcoin in any way has been a negative development. However, there are also some experts who believe regulation is ultimately good for bitcoin This is a topic that’s still figuring itself out, in a manner of speaking, so it’s important to keep a close eye on.

  1. Exchange Updates

We don’t talk quite enough about the exchanges when we talk about cryptocurrency. But people can’t invest if they don’t have exchanges they’re comfortable using, so really these are some of the most important things to keep an eye on. And they’re growing up. Coinbase, arguably the most well-known of the bunch, recently added an index fund, which was perceived as a sign of maturation. What you really need to watch for in addition to moves like this, however, is exchanges adding new cryptocurrencies. This quite simply gives people a new avenue through which to buy in.

  1. Expert Input

It’s actually a good idea not to take expert opinions or predictions too seriously when evaluating cryptocurrencies. If you do, it won’t take you long to see that some other expert put forth an altogether different prediction than the one you decided to follow. However, it’s still not a bad idea to keep tabs on expert input as an actual driving force of investment rather than a prediction of price trends. It’s a simple hypothetical, but imagine a self-made crypto millionaire goes on television and tells the public now is a good time to invest. At this fairly early stage, this could legitimately influence the near-term trajectory of cryptocurrency assets.

  1. Online Betting & Gaming

Online casino and betting platforms do a ton of business around the world, and handle huge amounts of money. And it’s said that depositing and withdrawing funds from these platforms has never been easier thanks to the rise of dedicated payments services (like PayPal and its competitors). But this is one significant area in which bitcoin is beginning to break through, and other cryptocurrencies might as well. The cryptocurrencies have begun to join up, doing so we can now buy bitcoin with paypal. Typically, adoption of crypto payments by a given company or business isn’t particularly noteworthy – but should cryptocurrency become a preferred option for online gamer and bettors, it’ll be a major boon.

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