life insurance for nris

Life Insurance Eligibility Criteria’s for NRIs

In this age of globalization, settling overseas is getting more and more common. You may need to relocate to a foreign country due to your job, business or higher studies. Though you

claim settlement importance

What is the Importance of Claim Settlement?

Reputation of an insurance company is mainly based upon its claim settlement ratio. People usually prefer those insurance houses that show higher percentage of claim settlement ratio. Higher percentage of claim settlement

why life insurance important for women

Important Reasons – Why Women Need Life Insurance?

Before we understand the need for a life insurance for women it is first important to be clear on what a life insurance policy is. A life insurance is basically a contract

nris life insurance

NRIs Life Insurance: Why NRIs are Buying Life Insurance in India

Life insurance is as necessary as other basic requirements of life. Every person in India has at least one life insurance plan in his investment portfolio. It has become very common that

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Last Minute Filing Tips

last minute filing tips

Some dates are branded into our memory, such as January 1st, December 25th, August 15th and July 31st, which is the deadline for tax return filing.  As we are well into tax filing, taxpayers who have waited till the 11th hour can find themselves stressing, which itself can lead to errors being made while filing.  Let’s look at some last-minute tax return filing tips to ease your burden.

Applicability of GST on Construction Property

gst on property

There’s a lot of confusion among property buyers with respect to the applicability of GST under construction property.  Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax which is levied on the supply of goods and services in the country. And hence, GST is applicable to services related to the construction of the property.

10 Beneficial Income Tax Deductions for Salaried Individuals

salaried income tax

Salaried employees are offered many tax deductions on the income tax they pay for the salary that they get which includes the basic salary as well as the allowances and pensions that they get from their employer or the organization that they provide their services to.

Money Saving Tips for Buying a New Insurance Plan

Insurance plan plays a huge role in people’s lives as making use of the insurance policies; one can get the uttermost financial security even instead of being helpless during the hour of need. Through the insurance plans, you can get tax benefits only if you know how to make use of the effective tax saving tips.

Tax Planning: Best 5 Ways to Save Tax Legally

5 ways to save tax

Before alighting on some of the best ways to save tax, it is important to know if at all tax can be legally saved by a taxpayer. It is important to now that the Income Tax Act of India does allow a salaried person to acquire some deductions on the total amount of tax he or she must shell out.

5 Money Saving Tips for the Newly Married Couples

For those newly married people, life becomes a celebration every day. As the couple is settled into a new lifestyle, they become committed to financial planning for their future. When looking for different ways to save money, they consider putting their money in insurance or other saving instruments to avail tax savings benefit.

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