life insurance for nris

Life Insurance Eligibility Criteria’s for NRIs

In this age of globalization, settling overseas is getting more and more common. You may need to relocate to a foreign country due to your job, business or higher studies. Though you

claim settlement importance

What is the Importance of Claim Settlement?

Reputation of an insurance company is mainly based upon its claim settlement ratio. People usually prefer those insurance houses that show higher percentage of claim settlement ratio. Higher percentage of claim settlement

why life insurance important for women

Important Reasons – Why Women Need Life Insurance?

Before we understand the need for a life insurance for women it is first important to be clear on what a life insurance policy is. A life insurance is basically a contract

nris life insurance

NRIs Life Insurance: Why NRIs are Buying Life Insurance in India

Life insurance is as necessary as other basic requirements of life. Every person in India has at least one life insurance plan in his investment portfolio. It has become very common that

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How has Technology Transformed the Insurance Industry?

insurance industry

Science and technology have spread their wings almost everywhere across the human race. From online payment of our various bills to purchasing groceries online, and seeing jam-packedroads through GPS before leaving office are some of the things that most of us do these days.

Blueprint Your Life: 5 Most Important Aspects of Financial Planning

important aspects of financial planning

As an adult, saving money is your responsibility, not your parents’. However, with bills and other expenses to pay, saving money becomes more difficult. Fortunately, there is a solution to help keep your finances in order with your expenses in mind: financial planning. However, there are important things to focus on during the planning process.

How To File a Residential Insurance Claim

residential insurance claim

If you’ve ever had to deal with just about any type of insurance, you know that it’s no walk in the park. Insurance agencies can be brutal. Typically they have no sympathy for your situation nor feel any urgency to assist you. Hopefully, if something has recently happened to your home that’s caused considerable damages, you have homeowner’s insurance.

Is Business Insurance A Worthy Investment Or A Total Waste Of Money?

business insurance

Starting a business is totally not easy. It will require a lot of a planning before you can actually start one. Now, if you have a plan in venturing into it, you might want to consider getting business insurance too. Of course getting one is not free and it will require you to take out some decent cash. But come to think of it, you can never really tell if an unfortunate event will happen or not.

Best Things to Know Before Securing a 2nd or Private Mortgage

The financial crisis has the power to throw the life out of gear. Not only does it affect only any individual, but the entire family and all the people related to that individual get affected adversely. And, if the crisis is not resolved in time, it will make the life not worth living. It is not that one cannot reach the financial solutions; but that many people are not quite well familiar with where and how to get the financial aids to terminate the ongoing crisis.


Why Should You Choose a Career in Finance?

The finance sector is simply huge. Despite booms, busts, upturns and downturns the finance sector continues to be among the most preferred destinations for both the newly qualified graduates as well the experienced professionals. Most of the businesses slog ultimately for profits, and it’s the finance professionals who keep them in check. That puts the finance near the very heart of business. With steady industry patterns and continuous job growth, many believe that finance could be a rewarding career aspiration.


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